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"Sorry About The NT Intervention?" is a newspaper of speeches from Northern Territory town campers on the affect the Intervention is having on their communities. 

It shows the sorrow, anger, disgust and hope that was heard at the convergence in Canberra on the 11th and 12th February 2008.

It highlights the Second Invasion that is happening in many communities in the Territory and is being printed to ensure that these voices are heard. That the truth of the situation is shown and that the Intervention is seen as the poorly managed racist action it is.

In publishing these voices largely un edited we are helping to spread the knowledge of this country.

Hopefully, with enough voices heard, those in the territory can live a life free from the ration card system.

And please come out on the streets on 12pm Saturday 21st of June at the State Library of Melbourne to voice your disgust at the racist intervention.


Scott Foyster



The document is available here for free download below.

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