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Signature banner SIGNATURE is the latest project from S7 Digital, the people who brought together the magazine Spinach 7. Through Signature, the digital media channel of Spinach 7 network continues to produce high quality independent journalism on Australian politics and culture. Undergrowth is proud to promote the work of this collection of high quality independent media through our website. In January Signature published a special edition looking Behind the Nuclear Spin. The topic remains hot. Earlier this month the US negotiated a nuclear co-operation agreement with India, prompting our own Government to say "never say never" to selling uranium to the country -- despite the fact that India is not signatory to the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, a condition of Australian uranium sales. The latest edition of Signature includes a varied collection of articles and photo essays on a range of issues and discussions both historical and contemporary such as: Memento A memento is an object given or kept as a reminder of, or in memory of, somebody or something. In a moving photo series Cassandra Mathie documents the 'mementos' of families of victims of the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre. Who's afraid of the PKK? In December last year, the Australian Government listed the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) as a terrorist organisation. Signature talks to Vicki Sentas, of the Federation of Community Legal Centres, about the implications for Australian Kurds, many of whom say the PKK is inextricable from Kurdish identity. Melbourne comes CLEAN There were rumours of political posters being taken down, stencil art being covered up and homeless people being shunted into hotels as part of Melbourne City Council's preparations for the international attention the city is receiving during the Commonwealth Games. Sarah L'Estrange looks at the effect of the Games on Melbourne's underbelly. Plus, possibly the most controversial DIY project ever initiated in: How to assassinate John Howard