The Undergrowth Shop is a fair-trade online marketplace where the physical products of our artistic collective's sweat and toil are available for sale. We are a registered non-profit organisation and all profits from goods sold go back into the organisation to cover the costs of production and distribution, then to support the ongoing costs of Undergrowth itself. As a 'copyleft' organisation contributors retain full ownership of the material UNDERGROWTH hosts under the Creative Commons licenses.

Current items for sale include:

Undergrowth #8: The Journeybook is an essential map of hyperspace for the contemporary psychonaut and the uninitiated alike. Travel through time and space and partake of mushrooms at Harvard, hemp in Nimbin, DMT in the Amazon and anti-depressents in the suburbs of the West, to name but a few of the experiences which await you. Dance at Dionysian festivals, meet alchemists in the laboratories of Switzerland, trippers in the corporate highrises of Brisvegas, and journey to the edge of the universe within our anthology's pages...

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Nomadology book

Undergrowth #7 - Nomadology $15.00 Aus

Gleaned from the last year and a half of nomadic travelling and writing, it gathers up a selection of the best stories, articles and photos from the project and presents them as a beautiful, limited-edition pocket-book. Edited by Nicolas Low and Tim Parish.


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Random Molecules book Issue # 6 - Random Molecules (152 pages) $30.00 AUD


Our first full colour book features art and writing about contemporary understandings of quantum mechanics and chaos theory, ecology, consciousness and other nodes of new edge science. Beware a premature definition of reality. Featuring writing, comics, photography, painting, poetry and illustrations by Undergrowth artists from around Australia, including the work of Dan McKinlay, Rak Razam, Claire Wren, Tim Parish, Levin Daitschenko, Rebecca Fitzgibbons, Sean Walles, Oliver Dunlop, Arrow, Rod Baker, Hatstand Pincer Movement, Gerhard Hilmann, Antonia Green, Ben Mastwyk and more. To browse some of the content click here . SOLD OUT: new print run coming soon.

Human Ecology book
Issue #5 - The Human Ecology

$10.00 AUD

The Human Animal is out of control. It spreads across the earth like a virus, taking what it wants and always needing more. It builds machines to do its work and cities to congregate its masses away from the natural world it exploits. Oblivious to the fact it lives in a natural ecosystem, the Human Animal replaces energetics with economics, the real with the rationalised in a virtual web of globalisation. Yet, moving through its monoculture crowds, pockets of diversity and multiculturalism still thrive. The undergrowth is fertile with the coloured plumes of resistance, with strange and wonderful new forms that have mutated to survive a world out of balance. From office drones in their concrete archipelagos to dumpster divers in the backstreets of the Empire, the Human Ecology pulses with life. Feral communities celebrate on the edge of bush dancefloors. Urban pagans connect with nature under the eyes of satellite cameras. The children of the System are remembering the Sacred. The walls are coming tumbling down as the Human Animal starts to recognise itself and its place in the web of life... SOLD OUT: new print run coming soon.

resolution dvd

Issue #4 DVD - 'Snapshots of the Resolution'

$15.00 AUD

Undergrowth DVD: "Snapshots of the Resolution" explores the power of independent media activism to discuss and speak out about themes of social, ecological and political issues. The compilation weaves together subject matter ranging from war to deforestation, alternative energy, street art, culture jamming, overpopulation, uranium mining, organic farming and the challenges of democracy in a fast paced collection of humourous, creative and politically charged short films, music videos, animations and documentaries.
Australian and international filmmakers featured include; Benjamin Ducroz, Joe Brumm, Heidi Douglas, Izzy Brown, Deepchild, Paul Baiguerra, Mutiny Media, Anto Skene, Freerange Graphics, Tim Parish, Nina Paley, Jean Poole and Adam Robb. Also featuring soundtracks by Combat Wombat, Deepchild, TZU, The Herd and Yum.
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Simulacrum book

Issue #3 - Tales of the Simulacrum
$10.00 AUD

Credit on, plug in, drop out Join the Virtual Revolution... Transcend the material world with 24 hour plug-n-play... you know you want to... Over a thousand interactive codeworlds. Be Anyone, Anywhere, with the exciting digital universe of the Simulacrum tm - where dreams become reality and reality is merely a dream. *Some conditions apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. Complete body and life maintenance available for full time users paying by direct debit on a minimum 24 month contract...


1/ cover/ Steven Mann 6/ open sourcery/ tim parish 12/ an interview with shelly innocence/ undergrowth editorial 20/ under the skin/ rak razam 28/ nodes of conflict/ andrew lowenthal 38/ survival of the prettiest/ tom doig 46/ telefuck/ rak razam 52/ media jacking/ hugh mcginlay 57/ milky chewy bars/ sonicboy + james riches 66/ eat this information/ tim parish 77/ father joe/ joseph gelfer 80/ telestreets/ luther blisset 88/ escape from toxcity/ floyd davis 96/ mantra for an open universe/ rak razam 102/ we were in the bubble/ tim parish

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Terra Poetica book

Issue #2 - Terra Poetica

$10.00 AUD

In the early 21st Century the War on Terror was a billion dollar Spectacle conceived by the military-entertainment complex, which served to distract humanity from the more widespread and dangerous War on Terra. In the human zoo, we stand somewhere between monoculture and wilderness, shaping our mental ecologies from the debris of empire + revolution. Resisting the fictions broadcast by crude television satellites and saturated by tabloid media. On the streets, poetic terrorists paint the rumour of some new indigenous struggle. Earth magicians retrofit the urban ecology. New paradigms mingle with archaic lores in the interzones of the information war. We are all natives remembering the language of Terra Poetica.


1/ cover/ Meteor Mandala/ Gerhard Hillman 10/ the story so far/ Tim Parish 11/ My Darling Race/ Damien Huxtable 12/ I walk the narrow streets/ Tom Civil 14/ Land of the Long White Sock / Graham St John 24/ The tree/ Lou Smith 26/ In Earth's Defense / Jo Fairley 38/ WW3 is a Party/ Rak Razam 42 - 43/ Halska 44/ you are walking/ Tim Parish 47/ whose Land are you on?/ Nick Chesterfield 56/ Andrea's Anatomy/ Damien Huxtable 58/ Freedom/ Rak Razam 62/ the city, I/ Miles Allinson 71/ Walking and Wildlife, a photoessay / Tim Parish 82/ Creating Permanent Culture / David Holmgren interviewed by Adam Grubb 96/ mystic as a leaf/ Tim Parish

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seed book

Issue #1 - Seed

$10.00 AUD
As planetary monoculture is enforced from above, thousands of counter-cultures are also sprouting from below, in organic networks that sustain and build a sense of community and unity in diversity. Powered by new technologies and an archaic revival of thought, a balance is being struck between the past and the future that may be our best hope for survival.

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rebirth banner

'REBIRTH' by Rak Razam (40pgs colour cover with photos and illustrations) $7.00 AUD

In 1943, Dr. Albert Hoffmann, a chemist based in Switzerland accidentally discovered LSD-25, the most powerful synthesised hallucinogenic known to man at the time. This little molecule went on to become famous and then infamous as it swept through the intelligentsia, artists, writers and cultural elite across the world and was seen as an essential 'ingredient' in the consciousness uprisings of the 1960's and 70's. Over 60 years later Albert Hoffmann celebrated his 100th birthday in Basel, Switzerland by holding a symposium titled 'LSD: Problem Child or Wonder Drug' to discuss the effects and possible future of his discovery. "REBIRTH: The Psychedelic Movement Comes of Age" is a fully illustrated booklet reprinting the gonzo journal of Dr. Rak Razam, co-editor of Undergrowth as he explores the explosive history and contemporary state of psychedelic culture.


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The Man Who Never Sleeps



The Man Who Never Sleeps by Levin Diatschenko $20 .00


The Man Who Never Sleeps is Levin A. Diatschenko's first novel, a blend of metaphysics, mystery and science fiction.

Since its launch in the Darwin Fringe Festival, followed with its nation-wide distribution, it has attracted an underground following of readers as diverse and individual as the characters in the book.








Psyence Fiction book

'Psyence Fiction' by Rak Razam

(144pgs with photos and illustrations) $10.00 AUD

The future has arrived, but there's something distinctly wrong with it. Robots that were meant to abolish human labour are creating mass unemployment because political systems aren't evolving as fast as our technology. Virtual gaming economies are outstripping the GDP of some small nations, telecommunications breakthroughs have brought us porn on our video phones, and Flash-Mobs roam the urban jungles, manifesting the sublime and shaking consumers from their retail addictions.

Psyence Fiction is a collection of fourteen short stories by Rak Razam that capture the spirit of the decade and the psychedelic, hi-tech future we live in. Illustrated by some of Australia's best underground artists and photographers, the book is a glimpse at the brave nu world around us and the bold characters that struggle to survive it.

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SOLD OUT: new print run coming soon.