School Discos Rock


In primary school I used to organise the school discos and it always made me feel important.  I would head a little committee of grade sixer’s and sevener’s and we’d pick a theme, like Underwater World or Space Jungle.  Then we’d break out the clag for a hefty cut and paste session old school style, photocopy the results and get Mrs Nash to send them home with the news letters.  The next few weeks would be very exciting, planning costumes and picking songs to play.  I remember trying really hard to keep my costume a secret and of course ended up telling my best friend Kelly, who then turned around a day or two later and announces in front of everybody that she’s going as a mermaid princess.  Bitch.  Some small time bitching would ensues and rival groups within the committee would form.  Closer to the date things would get very hectic indeed.  Big time sucking up and borderline bribing would occur so that maths time or group reading sessions could be used as valuable decoration preparation time.  I’d have a mass assembly line of kids doing arts and crafts, child labour laws be damned!  The younger less co-ordinated ones would be allocated the more low-skill level jobs, like cutting newspaper into strips for the paper mache coral or gluing sequins to plastic fish.  An approved group of senior artists would actually paint the fish and the coral and work on constructing the marine castle.  While I appreciated the help and needed the assistance a lot of the time I would end up doing it myself cause at least then it would be done properly with the care and attention such handiwork demands.  Occasionally annoying interfering boys would attempt to sabotage the operation and do things like steal the Giant Clam and use it as a football.    We would workshop ideas for party games. Pass the parcel was a staple, as was Pin the Tail on the Donkey - which always provided the opportunity for good natured ridicule.  Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers was always popular, probably because it gave you a good excuse to get physical with whatever boy you had a crush on at the time.  I used to love being thrown into different positions whenever the music stopped….  So the actual night would arrive and we’d all show up dressed as pirates, sharks (or mermaids.)  We would get the principal to line us up with a thumping sound system and some flashing lights and we’d get somebodies older brother to play the music and sure sometimes the disco would be slow to get going with all the girls on one side of the room and all the boys on the other side of the room, but as the hostess I would always try to break the ice and get the dance floor happening.  Somebody would always have a bitch about the music and I remember the shit hitting the fan once when some unsuspecting parent walked into NWA blaring over the speakers.  Classics such as Nut Bush City Limits were safe as the dance was non-threatening and simple enough for the boys to pick up.  So once we were all charged up on red cordial, chocolate crackles and homemade fudge the party would definitely start cranking.  A lot of action always happened outside what with general running around like silly buggers, and perhaps the odd romantic interlude behind the water tank which had to be conducted with the upmost caution to evade the night patrolling teacher. 


Fast forward to my days of organising outdoor psy trance parties and not that much has changed.  Sure the flyer’s are designed on photoshop and the decorations are referred to as decore’ – but essentially it’s the same.  Although the speakers have gotton bigger.  Much, much bigger.