Riversong Mural > by Tim Parish

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In January I spent a week in Bangkok working on this mural at the Old Prah Athit Pier. I met the owner of the bar on my first night in the country, and ended up designing the flyer for his new years party over a selection of the bars best cocktails during which time I had convinced him to employ me to paint on the alley walls which ran alongide the restaurant/bar. It took five days to finish the thirty metre piece, easily the biggest thing I have ever done, with rain slowing down the work, and many pedestrians passing by.

It was an interesting way to get to know the streets of the mega city. During the week I had many long conversations with locals passing by on there way to the ferry, was interviewed by thai school kids, photographed by a local newspaper and met two street artists, one from America and another from France who explored the cities nascent graffiti culture at aome super funky art exhibiitions.




the staff at prah athit pier


If you're in Bangkok and want to check it out anytime, the mural is in an alleyway between the Prah Athit Rd and the Bangkok River, on the way to the ferry. About 100 metres form the historic fort of Prah Athit and about 20 metres from the UNICEF building. It may be the only public artpiece in the whole area, so its not too hard to find.

Thanks to Farn and the lovely staff at the Prah Athit Pier.