RESOLUTIONARY TV: REDUX ~ An Indymedia Video Essay

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RESOLUTIONARY TV: REDUX A video essay about indymedia and video activism

remixed by Tim Parish

Synopsis: As global media control intensifies in the hands of multinational media conglomerates, the news we are presented with is increasingly one sided and influenced by prevailing corporate orthodoxies. However, as new technologies such as the internet and affordable digital cameras have increased network such as Indymedia have been able to proliferate and publish their own truths in information war of the 21st century. This video is a fast paced, cut'n'paste video essay sampling works from various documentaries and raw footage to illustrate these concepts.

Background: I cut this video together as an experiment in video essay structure while studying Media Arts at RMIT. At the time I had been volunteering with the Melbourne based community television show SKA TV's Access News, and had access to a great deal of interesting open source indymedia content. The 'redux' version is a more recent cut I did, in 2005 while finishing university. It contains new footage and a few shots from a video installation called 'Screen Culture' observing people's habits as they watched television.

The video was screened as an introductory note for the first Oceania Indymedia Newsreal in 2003 which I created with Andrew Lowenthal and Anna Helme (who are now engage media ) for theElectrofringe Festival 2003.

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