Refugee by Combat Wombat

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Woomera photo by Tim Parish

up at the camp, over the fire
we heard about something that required
immmediate action to be taken
coz real bad shit was in the makin'
at an ex army u.s. base station
another dodgy enterprise of the nation
was under way on dis desert day
a refugee hostage situation
500 people had escaped a compound
of which against their will had been confound
with no connection to the outside world
they had been locked away without being told
of their future destination
a real dodgy situation
a total human rights violation

innocent people men women and children
come a long way lookin' for their freedom
what once was their home
is now a war zone
under dictatorship, in poverty
their only choice was to flee
just to end up behind lock and key
but the crew from camp knew what they what they had to do
so they all chucked in and bought heaps of food
to take down to the refugees
that were hangin' by the supermarket waiting for a feed
but the cops had barricaded the shops
police harassment 3 day non-stop
the cops said you can't give them anything to eat
or we will arrest you for walking down the street
after three days the cops had starved them out
we tried to show solidarity with screams and shouts
some so weak they were taken back in buses
dont even know if they heard our fusses
some stayed storng as they walked along at gunpoint
back to the place they fled from
now their back behind bars
and i can still see the scars
of human rights abuses
why the inoccent the losers?

Lyrics by MC Izzy