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Against the backdrop of all the political manoeuvring of the mid-terms the United States is buzzing with talk of potential war with both Iran and now North Korea. As well as the ships that were referred to in the Time Magazine article, the Nimitz class carrier USS Eisenhower has since set sail, as of October 3rd, with its strike group and will be expected to arrive in the Persian Gulf region around October 21st. There is much speculation that this is another aspect in the military build up quietly taking place in the region prior to the Iran strike. Of course the US is also bogged down in Iraq and has the vast majority of the troops in Afghanistan, although that theatre is now a NATO run operation.

There is growing speculation that much of the current warfare the US is engaging in may indeed be a product of some sort of oil related grab. The Neo-Cons themselves are less likely to deny this at the moment. Much of this war seems to be shaping up as some sort of elaborate confrontation between the US and the Chinese. It could be that the Peak Oil theorists were correct and that what we are seeing is a mad grab for the final oil reserves. Or it could just be they felt threatened by the booming Chinese economy and its vast demand for these resources that had traditionally been the domain of the west, especially America. This could explain why they are becoming more and more reckless with the moves they are making each passing day.

The social impacts of a world war on America are potentially going to be devastating. There is a chance that martial law may be invoked and of course the Draft will surely have to rear its ugly head again. With the US economy also looking down the barrel of stagflation and potentially recession in the coming months any of the economic shock waves of the war could be felt extremely hard within the United States. In short it is a suicidal third front they are trying to open up in their war.