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The United Kingdom currently has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been one of the most vocal supporters of the American campaign. Similar to here in Australia, it remains a mystery as to what behind the scenes diplomacy must be taking place to convince a country that otherwise would be doing alright for itself to follow a demented madman to his doom. However since the Israel/Lebanon stoush back in July a backlash against Blair finally allowed his unseating and he will finish his term and retire next year. It seems highly likely that his policy of blindly supporting Bush enabled them to take him out. However the newcomer, Gordon Brown, seems to be saying much of the same things so it may not be as hopeful a change as it once looked like.

At any rate, the United Kingdom is bearing the brunt of the war in Afghanistan with its troops currently suffering under atrocious conditions and taking many casualties. It is unlikely that they would offer too much support for the Iran strike verbally, but once it has happened they have troops right on the front lines that stand the risk of being swamped in the ensuing chaos. It’s any ones guess what their plan to deal with that eventuality will be, or if it will just force them into the inevitability of having to prosecute a much larger war and introduce the draft to do so.