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Random Molecules exhibition .
On May 26th, Undergrowth Magazine #6 - Random Molecules - was launched at Kick Galllery, coinciding with an exhibition by contributing artists Gerhard Hillmann, Paul Kalemba, Antonia Green, Ben Mastwyk Tim Parish. Many books were sold, much red wine was drunk, tunes were spun by Tash at Terra Firma for the after party, visuals by Ben Mastwyk. Many free radicals were inspired. Molecules danced random till dawn. It's taken us two weeks to recover and upload these photos... Download a free digital version of the Random Molecules book go here . Random Molecules exhibition 2 .
Random Molecules exhibition 3 .
Random Molecules exhibition 1 Thanks to Jake @ Kick Gallery, Slingshot, Cloud City Crew, Tash, Australian Cleanskin Crew and Terra Firma for their help on the night. bom! xx