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Feedback Loop

Walkabout is taken from Melatonin's new album 'Positive Feedback Loop'  - a collection of rootsy dub n rocksteady grooves to challenge your mind and move your feet. With an eco-social justice conscience backed by musicians who've performed with the likes of James Brown and Aretha Franklin, Melatonin purvey an exciting blend of decadent beats with a point. Drawing comparisons to the likes of 'Fat Freddy's Drop' and 'The Clash',  

Organic Intellect formed in 2004 after late night free-style sessions of 3 oclock Bogey and Rojo D over home-made sampled beats. Tracks came together from these sessions and the pair soon enlisted a bassist, pianist and DJ for some live gigs in Nth. Melbourne. Though now a well rehearsed live band, the format was always intended to replicate the sound of spacious loops in sample based music, as opposed to a busy funk-hiphop crossover.

Cinco Locos Cinco Locos is a randomly occuring entity from the tropical verandahs of Darwin with the five crazies; Byron Williams (AKA Toe-Fu from the Herd) on vocals and guitar, Phil Eaton on Bass, Ingrid Smith on Saxophone, Jodie Kell on Trumpet and Justin Moon doing beats and samples.

Combat Wombat CD small

"Refugee" from Combat Wombat's first album "Labrats Solar Powered Sound System". Also check out Combat Wombat's videoclip Qwest and road documentary 'Tunin Technology' on Undergrowth's Motion Pixels.

culture connect cd cover

"Metropolis Mission" is a feature track from Culture Connect's new self titled album - recorded in Darwin and Brisbane. Also, check out for their new video clip Natural Intelligence, directed by Undergrowth's Tim Parish in motion pixels.

Whats Going On
"What's Going On?" from the Frequency Feedback compilation of Australian political hip hop. Featuring vocals by Joelistics from TZU Beats by Ptera Stylus