Psychedelic Altered Conscience




ACID Active Conscience Interdiction Dimension
LSD Logical Stewardship Domain
GOV Governance Orchestral Vector
GOD Granularity Of Donation
CVS Chomsky Vector Space
AUM Active Understanding Matrix
TASSACH The Altered Shulgin Scale And Conceptual Hallucinogens
QIQ Quite Interesting Questions
EC2C Error Correcting Clarifying Concept
CHOMSKY Conscience Heuristic Obligation Managing Society Knowledgeably Yourself
THORS Totality Holistic Origination Responsibility Stewardship
MDMA Multi-Dimensional Modal Agency
HAMMER Heart Activating Mind Manifesting Entheogenesis Reifier

Attention Conservation Notice:

None, and this lecture is particularly relevant to all serious psychonauts, ardent entheonauts and environmentally and socially aware recreational users.


Psychedelia, Entheogenesis, God, Alterant, Shulgin, Scale, Parental, Consciousness, Archetype, Conscience, Bootstrap Induction, Governance, Winter, Global, Village, Survival, Conference, Stewardship, Responsibility, Calibration, Measurement, Titration, Hard, Core, Drug, Nerds


This Class-A (A for Acronymic) compound conceptual hallucinogen is designed to significantly potentiate and modulate the chemical psychedelic experience to produce non-trival entheogenic qualia in the experiencer.

Firstly a conceptual hallucination is a hallucination about the nature of concepts, secondly, they are insufflated through the optic nerve such as what the reader is doing now, thirdly, they come on at the speed of thought, but only if you have the discipline to pay attention.

THOR'S MDMA HAMMER's (AKA: QIQ-EC2C) aim is true, it's quick and easy to see how to wield it with courage and love, it may not look much on paper, but nor does a tab of Lysergic acid diethyamide 25 prior to dosing.

It is a non-delusional, fully psychedelic, pure textual entheogen.

Be not alienated by the Acronyms, the textual Acronymic States of Consciousness (ASC) are tools to marshall your attention, order your thoughts, focus your mind and stabilise your presence in the Altered States of Consciousness, induced by Chemical Psychedelics.

During the course of the lecture we will examine each component of the THOR'S MDMA HAMMER conceptual hallucinogen, and what they could and should mean in the cultivation of competent conscience as the first things first, things that matters basis as a consequence of the iterated dosings of chemical psychedelics over the course of one's life-time, in the development of non-trivial baseline entheogenesis.

Note, also, that the cultivation of non-trivial baseline entheogenesis can also be achieved simply by dosing on this compound conceptual hallucinogen alone.

Thus these are Doctor's orders: to apply this strong medicine to the psychedelic experience to examine and refine your own self-driven non-trivial baseline entheogenesis.

This Planetary System requires a lot of home-work, and as a consequence of this lecture home-work will be self-assigned and self-marching orders given, and there will be lecture notes to take home to study.

Prior to the lecture it is strongly recommended to download the study resources available at this URL, and familiarise yourself with them:


The Doctor.

Layman psychedelic hobbyist, dilettante amateur entheonaut, and independent researcher.

Specialising in the textual and procedural potentiation of the psychedelic and entheogenic experiences.

Interests include the collision of research arrogance and precision humility, and the intersection of psychedelia and entheogenesis with the potentiation and modulation of active conscience. Don Quixote is known to seek his advice on the subtleties and nuances of windmill-tilting.

Interests also include Non Standard Psychedelia (NSP), meta-psychedelia and anti-entropic tripping, the modelling of possible psychedelic movements and the politics of contest of the religious, spiritual, mystical and psychedelic fraternity houses on the cosmic campus.

His favourite hallucination about Consciousness is that it's actually a deeply cooperative structure, which demonstrates that he is of limited intelligence, easily amused and quite probably clinically insane.

His persistent worry is that Entheogenesis is in a permanent state of homeostatic cybernetic crisis.

He is desperate to prove or disprove that he is trapped in a holodeck simulation on the USS Enterprise, as any other explanation of Consciousness makes no sense.

Otherwise he is busily engaged within the TARDIS (Terrestrial Alterant Research Developing Integral Stewardship) researching novel conceptual hallucinogens as strong medicine for the psychedelic movement to establish a firm foundation of non-delusional, non-trivial, baseline entheogenesis in the form of a functional governance immune system for the planetary system.

Generally speaking:

HARD Heuristic Alterant Reality Deconstruction
CORE Carry On Regardless Enquiry
DRUG Divine Resource Unto God
NERD Never Ending Research Duty

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A Lecture at Entheogenesis Australis 2011

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