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The future has arrived, but there's something distinctly wrong with it. Robots that were meant to abolish human labour are creating mass unemployment because political systems aren't evolving as fast as our technology. Virtual gaming economies are outstripping the GDP of some small nations, telecommunications breakthroughs have brought us porn on our video phones, and Flash-Mobs roam the urban jungles, manifesting the sublime and shaking consumers from their retail addictions.

Psyence Fiction is a collection of fourteen short stories by Rak Razam that capture the spirit of the decade and the psychedelic, hi-tech future we live in. Illustrated by some of Australia's best underground artists and photographers, the e-Book is a glimpse at the brave nu world around us and the bold characters that struggle to survive it.

10/ Surfing the Novelty Wave 15/ Fraud 22/ Leisure is Pleasure 28/ Play 35/ Under the Skin 42/ Ambient Head 48/ Telefuck 54/ Mantra 60/ WW3 is a Party 68/ Freedom 75/ Rainbow Dreaming 96/ Global Eyes 114/ Ravenarok 120/ Monkey Tales

Written by

Ruby Wu, Tim Parish, Doug Hall, Tush Gun, Emmy Boudry, Paul Abad, Halska Serefine Masash, Hans Hendriksen, Christian Walker, Blaine Machan, Warwick Johnston, Robin Cooke, Saskia Folk, Alex Courtney, Andrea Blundell, Oliver Dunlop, Andre & Lisa Ismael.

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