Project For A New Autonomous Millennia



The current impending crisis of civilisation can possibly be summed up as a looming conflict to decide the shape of society for the next period of human history.  What began as a purely resource driven conflict of Imperial expansion is now entering a dangerous new phase of ideological conflict that pits conflicting visions of the future of how human society is to be organised against each other.
There are I believe three distinct ideologies that can now be seen at play in this great conflict.  Ironically they all are actually in agreement on one level at their core.  They all suppose that the concept of the Nation State that most of us have grown up with and that has held sway on the planet for the past 120 years or so is over.  And although they may not realise it they are actually all pushing us into a future that regardless of who wins will see the vast majority of current national borders doomed to disappear. 


Borders that have never really stayed static since the Treaty of Versailles that created most of them anyhow but now I believe we are entering the final death throws of the modern Nation State.  It is finished, over and nothing can or will be done to save that concept.  Just as surely as the empires and kingdoms of Europe collapsed and then were ultimately swept away in the fires of World War 1 we are now entering a similar phase for the demise of the Nation State.  So I think at this critical cross roads in human history we should pause and look closely at the ideologies that loom before us as the possible outcomes or endgames out the other end of such a great upheaval. 

The first of these great ideologies is currently the one with the most power.  This first ideology is the one that began the destruction of the nation state and triggered the entire crisis as they drove the world forward to achieve their goal of shaping the world to their vision.  This ideology is known as many things by different people but regardless of the terminology used to describe it; it is the same function that people are trying to describe. It is sometimes known as the New World Order or the Global Banking Cartel or just the proponents of the economic system of Globalisation.
This ideologies vision is for super concentration of power into a unified world government. Under this government the nation states will have been dissolved replaced by a few super regions for ease of management of the system. These regions will be trading super blocs each united with their own single currencies and will have names like the European Union, the African Union, the North American Union etc. 


This future will also be a completely dystopian nightmare.  The centralised government will not be some humane peace bringing entity that represents the people and will indeed turn the whole world into a giant super factory where the people are nothing more than the cattle to facilitate the continued running and production of the machine.  No thought or care of traditional tribal or cultural affiliations of the people will be considered as they are all lumped into their respective super regions and brought under the heel of the oppressive world government that will most likely have its centre located in the city of New York


 In short individualism in this future will be dead.  The World Government will unroll a completely totalitarian police state to maintain the function of the great factory and the planet will groan under a great toil much as the subjects of Egypt or Rome did in times gone past.  In short it will be the One World Empire and its beneficiaries will be but a few at the expense of the entire planet.


Now obviously most people would never agree to entering into such a future willingly so the architects of this ideology destroyed the nation state first by triggering a new global war and then by annihilating the worlds economies brining about the disintegration of entire countries and now as the pace of the plan picks up speed the whole world enters into its final phase of collapse.  And indeed it was this act that has allowed for the window of opportunity for other competing ideologies to arise.  As faced with a total system wide shut down other ‘revolutionaries’ that have been around for an equal amount of time have seized the opportunity to enter the fray and stand opposed to the Globalists.


The next of the ideologies vying for their vision of the future to come to pass is in some way directly linked to the previous one.  For I believe it has only gained traction and been allowed to gain any popularity due to some very malicious and opportunistic manipulation by the previous group.  However it has existed in its own right for some time so may be listed as a separate entity although more often than not I think it is being controlled by the Globalists to further their own ends. 


This ideology is the one of the Theocrats.  A small number of radicals with religious bent want to see a Theocracy established on earth. It is almost exclusively coming from the ranks of the so called Abrahamic faiths.  And its proponents want to see an end to the nation state and the beginning of some thousand year religious empire that rules the world with the one ‘true’ god at its head.  Ironically the Theocrats are at war internally as well as with the other two ideologies as the three heads of the Abrahamic faiths are at war with each other over this vision. 


The Christians want to see the establishment of some Christian Kingdom on Earth.  This belief is primarily coming from the radicals of the so called Evangelical movement centred in the current United States of America.  The Muslims want to see the establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate.  This belief is primarily being pushed by Wahabi and Salafi Sunnis, especially of the Saudi Arabian peninsula, at the expense of Shia and other Islamic sects who are more nationalist in their views.  And finally the Theocrats of the Jews want to see the establishment of an Eretz Yisrael Ha-Shlema or Greater Israel from which to dominate the world.  Again this comes from only a few minority movements within Judaism primarily the more hardcore Zionist and settler elements. 


Now these radicals are usually sidelined by the greater populations they inhabit however the Globalists have greatly increased their hand as they have used them as a weapon against the whole world.  Needing to sow the seeds of chaos and destruction in order to begin the push for a new world and to justify the many invasions that would be necessary to commence their plans they required groups to carry out their false flag terror attacks against their own populations.  So they needed to find people motivated enough that they could either convince to attack the “Homeland” in order to justify the many draconian steps they have subsequently taken, or who would be willing to preach total obedience to the next stages of the roll out of Globalisation. 


Primarily they used Islamists to attack targets in America and Europe and Evangelicals to preach the obedience.  Extreme Zionists have also proved useful for swaying populations as the plan has unfolded.  So this ideology and the ideology of the Globalists are very tightly intermingled.  Although once the Globalists achieve their goals it is not hard to suppose they will then mercilessly cut loose their Theocrat pawns and crush them completely. 


However over the years of using them and building them up for their purposes they have also inadvertently strengthened them and their ideas in some circles.  So it is possible were the Globalists to fail to step into the breach left after the collapse of the current world that the Theocrats could attempt to take the opportunity to fill the void themselves. 


This would be as equally a horrid vision for the future as anything the Globalists could ever serve us.  For given their complete mutual exclusion of the other depending on whichever one established itself as the dominant world power the other two Theocracies (and indeed anyone who did not ‘convert’) would have to be exterminated.  A great global genocide would undoubtedly be the outcome if the Theocrats are allowed to win the great struggle.


And so finally that brings us to the last of the great competing ideologies.  The one that is of personal favour to my heart and I think the true hope of a ‘liberated’ humanity going into the future.  It is not a unified ideology as many will point out but that is the essence of it.  It is not some horrendous fascist vision for all. 


However as the crisis gets more compounded and a great revolution seems inevitable it is becoming somewhat more unified in its scope drawing together very odd bedfellows in the face of the common horrific enemy.  It is an ideology of personal human liberation that is seeing ‘leftists’, ‘rightists’ ‘anarchists’ and ‘libertarians’ all realizing the common ground they have with each other and the need to confront the horror of Globalisation before it is too late for us all. 


Indeed its seeds of unity were in what has been popularly termed the ‘anti-Globalisation’ movement.  However it is a much stronger movement now than one that is just in opposition to something and has some very real solutions that we can all begin taking immediately in order to stave off the impending disaster. 


Ironically as a movement it too has reached a point of realization that the deconstruction of the nation state is probably the only way forward at this point.  However this ideology is not calling for a super concentration of power to rule the world from a single point as its replacement.  In fact it is calling for the opposite. A total decentralisation of the world. A complete retreat from the concept of big centralized governments continuously trapped in their fake choices of this party or that, that all stem from the same well spring of corporate control anyway.


 Many communities becoming locally self sufficient and living in peace with their neighboring communities is the vision offered by this ideology. An autonomy and sovereignty for many communities across the globe.  An event that would see potentially thousands of independent ‘statelets’ (although they will more be Communities) existing around the globe. 


A very practical example of the need for this decentralization and self sufficiency was recently seen in the case of the Icelandic Volcano.  An event that in the madness of the Globalised economy has seen Kenyan farmers suffering massive losses as their reliance on selling goods into the European market was curtailed during the air space shut down. 


Now of course world trade would still be something that would exist in a post Globalist world however the madness of the current set up of concentrations of production in the third world using basically slave labor would be gone.  Something that would allow for a much stronger economy in the face of unexpected natural disasters.  Self sufficient Kenyan farmers may still sell on products to Europe but losing their European market would not see them starve.  Which is currently the disaster they face in the Globalised system.


This ideology of self sufficiency and autonomy from draconian state rule has grown over time. From the Anarchists of the turn of the 19th century, up to the Leftists of the Psychedelic underground of the 1960’s and in recent time as the Anti-Globalisation movement picked up pace at the end of the 20th Century we’ve seen the Rightists of the so called Libertarian or classical Conservative movement begin to see things from this light as well.  An astounding bridge between what could be competing ideologies that has seen a total movement for human liberation build that now spans all walks of political perception.


  This is what has led to our current times where a traditionally ‘Leftist’ Anarchist on the streets of Athens is now calling for almost the same thing that a ‘Rightist’ Tea Party activist in the United States is calling for, albeit with a few different terminologies to describe their vision of the future.  Language aside however it is clear they are working towards a very similar vision of the future.  And it is this convergence of the Left and Right in the Revolution against the Globalists that is terrifying them at the moment.


And it has reached a moment of outright revolution now just as it did in the 1960’s.  I hope this time however the revolution will not be crushed as it was the last time.  Of course a sustained assault has commenced in America against the most active voice of the revolution there the so called Tea Party.  And an attempt to co-opt the Tea Party back into somehow being an organ of the Republican Party has begun but I think it will ultimately be doomed to failure.


An attempt to divide and conquer has also begun to attempt to resow discord amongst the left and right organs of the revolution but that too can be overcome by careful analysis of the situation.  So called Leftists should not become alarmed or angry at images like those we saw in the past few weeks of heavily armed Militia men standing on the steps of State Capitol buildings across the United States calling for the sovereignty of individual citizens and the upholding of constitutional human rights. 


For this is no different than the images we saw in the 1960’s of the darlings of the Left at the time, the so called Black Panthers, standing heavily armed on the steps of court houses across the country calling for an almost identical thing.


  We should take comfort that at least the Revolution has finally arrived. 


How these momentous events can bear relevance to an Australian audience will be the important work for the coming months.  On a whole Australians have failed miserably to ‘bring the war home’ when it comes to the anti war movement and any attempts to shut down our mad push to be a part of the imperialist Globalist invasions of the past 9 years.  If outright revolution breaks out in the US and or Europe in the coming months then we must not make the same mistake and must ensure that we ‘bring the revolution home’.


 And the best way of doing that is to begin preparing our communities for complete autonomy from anything that exists in Canberra.  Canberra, like Washington DC in the US, is now a complete irrelevancy.  Here in Australia the Psychedelic underground has spent the last 15 years experimenting heavily with the so called Temporary Autonomous Zone.  Well now all those years of practice and skill sets can be put to use as we enter the next phase. I believe the time for the Permanent Autonomous Zone has arrived.


There are examples and models of PAZ’s that currently exist around the world that we can look to for inspiration in this work.  One of note of course is the Christiania community that exists in Copenhagen in Denmark. (


And a community that has successfully withdrawn and claimed its sovereignty from the illegal occupational government in Canberra here in Australia is of course the Hutt River Principality. (


  These examples and many more show that with a bit of hard work it will be possible for us to decouple from the deranged Globalist controlled parties that currently inhabit Canberra and are driving Australia to its doom.  Changing anything from now on ‘at the ballot box’ will be impossible as it is now more than clear that there is in fact no valid opposition left in the parody of a Westminster system that remains in Canberra at the moment.  Only by declaring for our personal communities self sovereignty, and where the resource allows it, complete autonomy from the Federation of Australia and its governing Laberal Party can we begin to make a forward momentum for the freedom of the species.


Of course it will be important in a colonised country such as Australia that we also turn to the indigenous, the original inhabitants of the land, as we forge forward with this work.  In the American experience the indigenous are of course helping at the vanguard of the revolution and we have seen a massive area of the Midwest declare its independence from the Union, the newly formed Republic of Lakotah.  Again we can learn from the experience of these PAZ’s and indeed the wisdom of the indigenous as they forge forward on these experiments.


     Here in Australia a similar movement is beginning amongst the Aboriginals currently under military occupation in the outback of the Northern Territory.  The aboriginals who have led the Ampilatwatja walk off are endeavouring to build as self sufficient a community as possible. (

One that will undoubtedly be able to declare sovereignty once it is strong enough.


So as the revolution gathers pace this I believe is the way forward. Community control, personal sovereignty, sovereignty of natives with the land and a complete disregard and resistance to anything the Globalist fascists try and push on us in the coming months.  Already we have seen some attempts at some of the larger gatherings of the Psychedelic community to begin establishing a similar level of self sufficiency.  Areas of land associated with some of the biggest music festivals (the traditional heartland of the TAZ) have begun exploring more sustainable and permanent fixtures.


Of course nothing we build will be perfect but at least it will be a start of turning our back on the deranged men (and some women) who stalk the halls of power now and who seem to hate their lives so much they want to destroy themselves and us with them. And we will still have to resist the greatest assault that the Globalists are attempting to throw at us the creation of a third world war.  I will go into further thoughts on that topic in a future article.  But for now as the crisis reaches fever pitch we can begin preparing our communities in the ways explored above. In answer to the mayhem that the so called Project For A New American Century has unleashed on us all lets fly the flag of the Project For A New Autonomous Millennia in defiance of it. 











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