#4 - Snapshots of the Resolution

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RESOLUTIONARY TV: REDUX ~ An Indymedia Video Essay

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resolution dvdThe cover for the Snapshots of the Resolution DVD

Tasforests > by Heidi Douglas

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This short film by Heidi Douglas and Jacob Primo is a political nature documentary. Without narration it takes the viewer on audiovisual journey through the forests of Tasmania, into the heart of the clearfelling of old growth trees, and through to the resistance of young forest blockaders attempting to prevent the destruction.

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Uranium - video by Verb

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A video art cut-up animation about the military robots that seek to dig up kryptonite from sickness country. Inspired by the heroic stances of the Aboriginal people of Central Australia resisting the mining of uranium on their lands at Beverly and Roxby Downs and anti-uranium activists everywhere. Credits: video: Verb audio: Yum


Sampling credits: 'Transformers' 'Fight For Country' Rockhopper Productions for more information check out: www.iratiwanti.org Uranium gif

Tunin' Technology

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tunin'technology_gif An activist road trip around alternative Australia with hip hop drum'n'bass outfit Combat Wombat.
Includes DIY explanations of their vegie oil car, wind powered cinema and solar powered sound system.

Fascism is Fun

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An informative commercial for the Fascist Party - "the perfect solution to the today's busy professional" who has no time to waste on the 'democratic process'. Originally produced as part of the Time To Go John DVD and project prior to the 2004 Australian Federal Elections

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Telestreets - The Italian Media Jacking Movement

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Telestreets - The Italian Media Jacking Movement from Verb Studios

Telestreet is a short film documenting the vast network of close to 200 micro TV transmitters that have sprung from Italy's vibrant political counter-culture. Telestreet has grown in opposition to media tycoon and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's control of close to 90% of the daily audience. But Telestreet also reaches far beyond this, linking up with video distribution on the net to create new forms of media production and social activism to challenge the media monopolies. Check out the Telestreet website for more information.

Issue #4 Resolution

Issue #4 ResolutionThe DVD for Undergrowth #4 - Snapshots ofthe Resolution
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