Rak Razam

Rak Razam is a journalist specialising in underground and counter-culture, spirituality and technology issues.

He has written and edited for magazines and companies including The Age, the Australian newspaper, Eye On, High Times, Tekno Renegade Magazine (TRM),, EnTrance digital magazine, Paper Free Press, Zavtone (Japan), Dream Creation (UK), Mushroom Magazine (Germany), Sensis (AUS), Bread TV and See advertising. He is currently the gonzo reporter-at-large forAustralian Penthouse and is writing for and co-editing Undergrowth magazine online.

Red Tailed Black Cockatoos

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Red Tailed Black Cockatoos

Red Tailed Black Cockatoos

Image by Gerhard Hillmann

ALU(C)INA > poetry anthology by Ben Wild

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"Unless you quarantine the birds

for their seeds of shit,

or the flowers for consorting with the wind-

you have no right to waste my time,

for time does waste the gypsy."

 -Passport, by Ben J. Wild is proud to present the first anthology of poetics by vagabond wordsmith Benjamin J. Wild, now available online and through bookstores around Melbourne, Australia. 

Jon Beinart exhibition @ 696 Gallery

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Jon Beinart @ 696 Gallery

Friday, April 17, 2009 at 6:00pm

696 Gallery

696 Sydney Rd, Brunswick,VIC

Gallery 696 presents…
Drawings, Paintings & The World's Largest Toddlerpede by Jon Beinart.

Exhibition: April 15th - April 29th, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, April 17th, 6-9pm

Over the last 7 years Jon Beinart's drawings and Toddlerpede doll sculptures have attained a notoriety on the internet and have been published in a number of magazines and books (including FHM, Bizarre, Maxim, Virus, Dot Dot Dash, Inside Artzine, Stu, Provokator, Kalimat, Silkmilk MagiZain and beinArt Publishing's 'Metamorphosis')

"Drawing is my oldest outlet, an obsession that is deeply rooted and has become fundamental to my well being. I generally draw spontaneously and have no concept in mind as an image unfolds. Recurring themes are figures and portraits made of small images, characters and body parts. People often ask how long i take to complete a drawing. The answer is: I don't know. I prefer to keep my process painless by ignoring time." - Jon Beinart

Signed copies of beinArt Publishing's 'Metamorphosis' will be available at the opening.

A few examples have been added to this event... Many more works will be exhibited at the show.

Undergrowth Feature Artist SPOONBILL > ZOOMORPHIC album review

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 Radio Undergrowth is proud to feature Spoonbill as our first regular artist of the month to celebrate the release of his album Zoomorphic across the country this month.

As a sneak preview of the album, we are featuring the track Bunkerfunk with it's belly of a whale bass line, stilted soul vocals and gentle synth, almost makes you want to wrap yourself up in it's lyricless glitch aesthetics. Listen here.

stencils with indian street kids

stencils with indian street kids

kirs et mat



kirs et mat

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Netizens of the Deep> by Schwann

Greetings O mindspring overloaders and greeters of the dawn, transhumanic fad creators in the blue beam of fractal reality. Allow me to introduce myself as we travel inwards alone but together, until our quest is revealed - or our day is done.

(I wrote): 'The creaking door through which our universe will shortly be vacuumed is waiting to be opened. Humanity needs the organic keyword to survive.

More low-level stuff bubbles up in my head. My fingers stiffen over the orange keyboard, but thankfully no more words come. Rubbing my tired eyes, I realize that I can't take much more. Terror clutches me for an instant but I manage to shrug it off with a large yawn. It's only 3.17 AM, give or take a time zone. No biggie. What's another all-nighter?

I don't go out much. My studio is like 'down periscope', sometimes claustrophobic. It gets me to rearrange highly stacked printouts from under week old coffee cups. Checking through the valuable trash gets me hopeful of finding that letter from an old girlfriend whose address I'd lost some years back. Instead, I'm pleased to find a thinny I'd once lost under an April 1980 Heavy Metal magazine. Dodging an overdue session of self-hypnosis, I light the dried spliff. It was a good crop.

The mind fog is something you never remember. It's too early for meditation, but not too late to consider a number of questions that have been around long before mystech warriors began trying to understand reality. Things like: Who am I? What the fuck am I supposed to be doing? These simple questions are still proving to be a bigger task than any one can handle, and of course anything bequeathed to us by the previous world order need careful scrutiny, so it's not surprising that things still don't make sense.

White noise and meaningless sentences flow through my overheated imagination. The organic key slips further away. One more hit and the walls close in, but the little voice in my head that's recently been saying; "something really important is gonna happen - soon", isn't done yet.

No problem; I can handle this. It's a fantasy thing and I'm a science fiction writer, but what does 'soon' mean? Now's the time the time is now!


Using years of experience at dismantling harmful beliefs, I delete the runaway thought using mind control and it doesn't matter what time it is because perception kicks in and awareness scrolls as I unfocus into cyber-shamanism. Combat drugs taken. Blood superoxygenated. Turbo spleen activated. Pain editor engaged. Speedware initialised. Cranial armour secure. A.P. up. Azmazz online.

Closing my eyes, I try to think about something besides what I'm thinking about. Consciousness shifts me up and data streams like a plasma flow, while my long-gone parents are whispering; "Warning! Warning! Reality starvation in progress!!", in my middle ear.

Yeh, Yeh. I skip the warning. I've heard it before but it's mandatory to listen at least once in your life. This is advice my kids could benefit from. Isn't life sweet?

Swivelling the chair away from the screen, I tip the ash and consider the cold, dark world past the glass. It keeps me hopeful that, somewhere among the millions inhabiting cyberspace, there's a secret of Earth shattering importance.

"Soon!" whispers the joker. "Soon - something will happen which'll make everyone pay attention".

It's now 4.00AM. I'm tired enough to attack the surrounding paper and get a quarter way through squashing some of the more useless printouts into the dysfunctional wastepaper basket before giving up. Stacking the survivors in a neat pile of disorder on top of some yellowed faxes pertaining to an old car insurance claim, I kick back and survey a job almost done.

Sometimes when it's late things feel real and you can share knowledge with yourself and it isn't so bad. Mind control. I try deleting the brain slam but a last surviving thought breaks like a wave of embalming fluid and floods me with anticipation;

"something wonderful is soon going to happen".

Fortunately I'm not someone who wonders why stray thoughts from old sci-fi movies are often important.

They just are.

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DIY Cosmology - exhibition mural

DIY Cosmology - exhibition mural


'DIY cosmology'
mural by Tim Parish
Otto Mainzheim Gallery
Haccoubori, Tokyo

completed 4/11/07

VISIONS of MU > exhibition by Tim Parish @ The Otto Manzheim Gallery, Tokyo (japanese)

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東京・八丁堀のオットー マンゼイム ギャラリーにおいてアンダーグロースが提供するティム パリシュの絵画その他の集大成‘無・ヴィジョン’の絵画展を開催致します。

無・ヴィジョンはオーストラリアを基盤とするメディア・アーティスト、ヴェルブ アカ ティム パリシュの最新の絵画とイラストレーションの集大成です。開催するアンダーグロースはオーストラリア全国各地で活動する若手アーティストによるオリジナルアート、創作、ビデオや音楽関係のオンライン・マガジンを主宰するメディア・アート集団です。オットー マンゼイム ギャラリーは八丁堀で新進の若手アーティストたちに活躍の場を提供する新しいアート ギャラリーで、今回の無・ヴィジョンが初の展示会となります。

ティム パリシュはオーストラリア、メルボルンを基盤として精力的に作品を生み出している交差的メディア アーティストで、アンダーグロース・マガジン (の副編集長とアートディレクターを務める。フリーランスのグラフィック・デザイナー、ビデオ・アーティストとして多数のミュージックビデオやショート・ドキュメンタリー、試験的アート・フィルムを生み出している。作家、画家としても余暇を見つけては、アンダーグロースアート集団の一員として定期的に作品を展示している。2007年には東南アジア、中国を旅行し、タイ、カンボジア、中国西部では公共空間を使ってミューラル・アーティストとして壁画創作を行った。
Nomadologyは旅やクロニクルを題材とした オーストラリア人の若手作家やアーティストによる集合ブログで、多数のアーティストがこれらの地域を旅している。2006年にはオーストラリア文化協会の援助により、初の遊動生活形態のアンソロジーがアンダーグロースにより発行された。

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