Post History

From the first in a series of notes on the dismantling of global capitalism, life after 9/11, post-historical dispersion and the opportunies for the new human in this time of accelerated chaos:

Listen: Shackleton - Blood on my Hands (Original Mix)

(ricardo villalobos mix also good for a central european context (berlin)


"When I see the towers fall,

It cannot be denied

That as a spectacle it is a realisation of the mind

I'm standing on a mountain top and letting out a scream

It is the language of the earth, it is the language of the beasts

Theres no point to look behind us, we left the corpse behind

As flesh is weak and forms break down,

They cannot last forever "



Notes on Post-History

Recent activities in the global stock market, the leaking from american folks on the inside reporting of the frenzy of Republican stupidity that now has come home to roost, and reports from friends working in broker firms seem to inform me that the verdict is pretty much out - due to the recent decline in the global virtual economy, which enormous resources are now and will be expended towards its maintance and sustainability, the dream of American capitalism has finally been toppled and the future remains more realistically uncertain. The USA is no longer the major world power. The systems of control of the US are now officially collapsing and who really knows how many folks in the Middle East, Russia and China are getting more than a few kicks out of the whole mess. China is now the leading power in the world, and as such it can be seen that, in Althusser's terms, the Ideological State Apparatus of the USA, which via its electronic media and Imperial Hollywood has acted as something of a massive viral parasite plaguing the worlds airwaves and creating horizontally inclined feeding frenzies of mass hysteria, psychosis and abstraction. The Dreaming of modern America, in its promised visions and massively schizoid reality structures now no longer have their military-industrial and economic footing to hold the whole thing together. The hyper-accelerated and abstracted maze of American Dreaming which, purely by the disharmonic nature of its evolution and which openly and directly feeds the human energtic system with information designed to create a sort of closed tension system, is now being dissolved. The energies of our Neptunian and Plutonian friends are now open for dissolution, destruction and renewal.

As such, you may now proceed to retreat from that massively distorted beast of accelerated madness which has so plagued the world and begin to reclaim yourself and participate freely in the creation of your own mythology and the feeding of your own life centres as you want them. Planetary Intelligence can now be directly engaged with on your own terms in order for your vertical stability to be sustained and the life within you to grow. Go !