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"PORTALS" is an anthology of short stories, poems and gonzo journalism by artist, filmmaker and Undergrowth editor Timothy Parish.

Selected from writings over five years, including short stories previously published in anthologies NOMADOLOGY, The JOURNEYBOOK, HERDING KITES and RANDOM MOLECULES. 

The collected works in PORTALS follow thee writers personal journals through Australia's 'undergrowth' culture with writings on art, politics, spirit, consciousness and the metaphysical landscapes of OZ.

PORTALS was first launched at Wordstorm: The NT Writers Festival in Darwin April 2010. It will be launched in Melbourne on the 29th of July as part of the TALES FROM THE UNDERGROWTH event.

It will be available through online orders and selected bookshops around Australia from August 2010.

To enquire about sales or to place a pre-order, contact: verb@undergrowth.org