HEART REMAINS OPEN PROJECT > Joelistics open source video callout

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The Joelistics ‘HEART REMAINS OPEN’ Video Project


Australian hip hop artist JOELISTICS (Elefant Traks) is teaming up with Word Travels, Verb Studios and YOU to make an ‘open source’ video for his song ‘Heart Remains‘ – a sprawling spoken word journey into the Australian landscape and culture.

Watch the video call-out below:

HEART REMAINS OPEN PROJECT > video callout from Verb Studios on Vimeo.

THIS CITY SPEAKS TO ME > book project > words by SI > photography by LUKE KELLET

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There exists in Melbourne an elusive community of artists, musicians, poets, flaneurs, fringe-dwellers, and radicals who have created a complex and dynamic social network which revolves around numerous converted-warehouse-come- arts-spaces, live-in-studios and grass-roots arts venues.

This is the rumbling in the underground. This book dares to capture the depth and charge of one of the most thriving creative hubs in the world, and thrusts its underground scene upon a national and global stage.

It reveals unseen aspects of Melbourne, and why it continues to be a haven for Australia’s independent arts and radicalism whose philosophy and lifestyles find expression in the city’s warehouse movements, its festivals, and in the enclaves of the rag-tag theatrical, musical and circus communities.

What has evolved is a significant social and artistic movement; an independent micro-society that organizes itself in accord with anarchistic principles and is without dogma or guiding manifesto. This unofficial community is bound together by the numerous, diverse, and ever changing arts-events which emerge from, and are usually held within, the communities venues. The result is colourful, energetic, vital, expressive, and rich, with events spanning decadent artist banquets, masked-balls, cabaret, theatre, visual art, and performance, which in retrospect, may be considered a signifificant contribution to Melbourne’s historical culture-scape, and could call forth a new generation of un-institutionalised artists capable of revitalizing and re-humanizing Melbourne’s Arts and Culture.


MERCURY > a poetry anthology by SI

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MERCURY is a new anthology of poems by Melbourne poet Si.

Launched in 2009, the book was toured to the National Young Writers Festival, Emerging Writers Festival (VIC) and West End Street Festival. In May 2010 it will be launched at WORDSTORM NT in Darwin as part of 'Tales From The Undergrowth' at Happy Yess.

Below is an excerpt from the book.

ALU(C)INA > poetry anthology by Ben Wild

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"Unless you quarantine the birds

for their seeds of shit,

or the flowers for consorting with the wind-

you have no right to waste my time,

for time does waste the gypsy."

 -Passport, by Ben J. Wild

Undergrowth.org is proud to present the first anthology of poetics by vagabond wordsmith Benjamin J. Wild, now available online and through bookstores around Melbourne, Australia. 

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What is Radical?

What is Radical?
To be genuinely conserving is radical;
In a world where greed is the norm, generosity is radical;
In a world where apathy reigns, engagement is radical;
In a world where selfishness is normal; selflessness is radical;
In a reactionary world; creativity is radical;
In a world of "what is in it for me?", genuine altruism is radical;
In a world of ignorance, education is radical;
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This City Speaks To Me > street poetry by Si > video by Verb

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I Wanna Go To Burning Man

I Wanna Go To Burning Man


A Freak convention in the desert deserves dire attention

If an artist performs in the desert and no ones there to see it, is it performance class or just pure arse??

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"What Are We?" by Tim Parish


what are we?
amoeba tree
sweet fruit ripening
skeleton seed
i am i is you is we
broken through the endless see
but what are you, if you is me?
just remember to breathe...

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The Shape Of My Tongue

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 'The Shape Of My Tongue' is part of a series of contemporary poems inspired by the words of sufi poet Rumi and performed by Sydney artist Thomas, Jack of Hearts.

Music by Briztronix.

Produced and directed by Tim Parish aka VERB







Ping .... dot dot dot ... purple matrix
Ping .. into harlequin spiral
Synaptic pathways sycopating

Swathed and bathed in colours all about
Till through vistas of light unfurling
Ecstatic union, worlds unite

Octaves of purring peacock diamonds
Purrr.. click click
Purrr.. click click click
The crystal queen settles on her throne of light
A thousand whispered hums purr ahhh in bliss

Past and future worlds birth in translucent pink and gold
My quirky song of surprise and delight
chiming through oceans of light

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