Planetary Gatherings of Galactic Garden Culture> by EveN Dawn


Like mushrooms which push their gleaming tops up through moist pats of poo and decaying matter, so too tipis, domes and tents of all descriptions appear virtually overnight in fields and open spaces across the Earth. A particular strain of the human species occupy these clusters of temporary dwellings. Whether these humans have gathered for the sake of music, dance, art, expression or sheer celebration, they have had enough cause to take leave of whatever routine existance they may normally maintain, to make it to an outdoor event - commonly known as a festival, that which I have come to define as a Planetary Gathering.

What an effort it is at times to attend some of the less accessible events that occur: decifering directions from ambiguous flyer art, travelling over long distances to obscure locations where the locals (hopefully) won't complain about the noise, the challenge of squeezing everything required for surviving amidst the elemental playground of Nature into the back of a car, camper or backpack, risking the likelyhood of whole evenings full of music you aren't really that into being played at high volume, and not to mention deciding which of your favourite festive outfits to wear.

So what is it that draws so many people across the many walks of life to this variety of events which occur with steadily growing frequency? What brings us out of our homes and hovels time and time again to stake out a little piece of the action to call homecamp? Perhaps it's the natural spaces we crave, though we're not likely to get much peace and quiet. Not untill the sound system is turned off and the geany is packed away. Maybe it's the entheo-ambient-trance-dance music and all the original art splashed around the curious venues and village-like stalls? Or, is it the artful variety of fellow festival attendees, some of whom at times are indistinguishable from the surrounding art installations themselves?

I consider festival goers to represent the emergence of the coming culture of life on planet Earth. Just as the fruits of the mushroom organism are the only parts of the fungus (reproductive organs actually) visible above the ground, circles, parties, festivals and all autonomous gatherings of earth dwellers are an outward indication of an occurance which is actually more wide-spread than may be immediately discerned. The body or mycellia network of a mushroom can sometimes occupy thousands of times the volume of the fruiting mass in a rootbase underground. Each little shroomie being one tiny part of an interconnected whole.

Mushroom metaphors aside, what makes me think that the future evolution of humanity is happening right before (and between) our eyes, anytime we attend a bush doof, rainbow gathering, trance party or folk music festival? The basis for having come to such a conclusion is that the culture of outdoor gatherings is nothing new at all. It is a continuation of a far-reaching heritage of nomadic corroborees, gypsy caravans, celebrated feasts and fairs. There have always been those who love to get down for a shindig when the moon is in full bloom and know how to 'shake a leg' when they see signs that the seasons are starting to turn.

So too, in these times there are earth dwellars who have retained their sense of the human species rightful, artistic role in relation to the whole. These humans are returning to a style of living which aims to exist in accordance with the well-being of the planetary life-support system, the Biosphere. As more homo-sapiens come to realise this function a collective state of self-reflective awareness is attained, raising humanity into an evolutionary phase termed 'homo-noosphericus' or the evolved planetary human. In this way do we evolve along with the Earth, in attendance with the advent of the Psychozoic Era of post-history described by Russian scholar Vladmir Ivan Vernadsky.

As an adept of the 13 Moon Synchronometer, a Chrononaught if you will, I acknowledge the great importance of this time and the part played by the apparent frivolity of cultural festivals. Events like those described bring the more reclusive minds amongst us out of the hills and hideaways to share insights into recent unravellings of Life's mysteries. These gathering sites are the meeting grounds of the AltarNation, the pro-Native movement towards collective recognition of the Sanctity of Nature. On the dancefloors, throughout the day and night there can be found devout dance pilgrims from a diverse spectrum of cultures, some having trekked land, sea and sky to make their offerings of movement on that particular place on earth. The language which unites them all is expressed through the art and the music. It is as I murmured into a friend's ear over the booming bass "Everyone understands the meaning of DOOF, Doof, doof, doof..."

What does it all mean then, this incessant dancing, swinging, stomping and shaking? To me it represents a natural impulse, a response signalling that we are alive, and we know it! We are equipped with sense organs which allow us to percieve with wonder the experience of existance and we've discovered how to amp up just about all the parameters that our sensory input organs can sustain. I would wonder about the sustainability of it all, considering the waste and disturbance a large gathering can incur if it wasn't for all the signs which convince me that the festival culture is evolving, maturing into a more responsive and responsible party animal. I was impressed at the last gathering I attended (Winter Solstice FNQ - PsyTek Productions) to know that all the human waste being collected there was being converted into usable compost or Humanure - thanks to Natural Event (keep changing the world from the bottom up!). It showed me that as we reconsider the function of all forms of waste we will trancend the mindless consumption of historic materialism. Instead of going to festivals to get out of it, we are going to get into it instead.

I've had visions of what we'll be getting into. They've come through talking with my friends and kin about a party that's going to be so shmicko it's causing ripples in space time.

Seven years before the Galactic Synchronisation Solstice (21st Dec 2012) I was already hearing suggestions being passed around about what kind of gig we could anticipate. Robin Mutoid, originator of the Earthdream journey has spun a rainbow serpent songline which spirals from the west and south coasts of the island continent of Australia, up the east coast in time for the total solar eclipse visible from Far North Qld (13th Nov 2012), and across the northern reaches to activate the continental center by the summer solstice. As this was described by Robin to myself, I envisioned patterns being left behind by each party site, these beautiful crop circle like mandala gardens left from where we had been. I'm sharing that vision with you now, because now is the perfect time.

We have time to dream up a network of interconnected landbases, prepared to accomodate a massive exodus of earth dwellers. People who aren't waiting to see if anything happens in 2012, we are the ones who have decided to make the manifestation of our highest dreams what happens! Everywhere around the world this movement can and will occur, we have all we need now to realise this grand vision.

Come together, form a Planet Art Network node, find a suitable landsite near you and activate that site on a regular basis, starting with a circle of intent. Gather on Crystal Days to cultivate the land, hold events on the solstices and equinoxes, as well as the Noospheric Pause Points of the 13 Moon Synchronometer. When we celebrate these days it is like transmitting a pulsing signal that the spirit of the Earth is still alive! Request that the intelligence of Nature show you how to assist the landsites to support a travelling convoy of conscious kin. Research permaculture and geodesic design principles. Dig composting dunnies and food gardens. Plant bamboo and building materials for kitchens, shelters and circular stages. Cooperate, communicate, cocreate, it is your heart's intent. Be ready for the launching of Timeship Earth 2012. Together we create Planet Art!

"The call is stand tall
and form the artspores all.
Do what you are here for."

lyrics by Mattriks and the Book of Kin

This report is submitted as the first of a series which will follow the planetary phenomena of galactic garden gatherings. In order to further promote Peace through Culture the Second Creation publication will soon be including events listings to encourage readers to make connections with other kin interested in the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace movement and the Galactic Synchronisation of 2012.


If you are interested in attending and reporting on events in your bioregion or would like to promote a planetary gathering occuring between now and 2013 please contact EveN via email