Permaculture at the party

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This summer, with the visionary support and holonomic direction of Naasko and Diogo, a pod outreach unit including Xavi and Delvin travelled to Portugal to rock the tech at a 20,000 person trance festival called The Boom.
This 7 day festival took place in a beautiful rolling countryside next to Lake Idanha-a-Nova in the central interior
of the new Portugal.

With the dedicated wisdom of permaculture designer Jenny Pell directing the gardenic whole system, the plant work of Lev from Israel and the healing intuition of Rosa from Portugal, along with Naasko and the rest of our crew we put together a 5 dimensional permaculture demonstration garden. Our boom team also included the flowing intelligence of our canadian crew on design techness Sijay and Adham as well as open american visionaries on artness Xavi and Carey.
We also had a few helpful volunteers like Mark, Khalid and Squishelle . Together we hosted a huge balinese bamboo temple with workshops from over 16 different countries during the daytime, major presentations in the evening, and a psy-cinema all night.

Many of the Temple Garden plants were generously loaned from the local municipality of Idanha-a-Nova. Some of the plants bought by Boom were donated to this local township in appreciation. This process intends to communicate ideas about applying permaculture in alternative settings and helping to make large festivals more sustainable and eco-conscious. This is also a part of my Masters Project in Permaculture Education and intends to communicate permaculture principles and techniques as well as showing examples of permaculture in action.

Pod Permaculture is about evolving relationships, the means your relationship to yourself and your world including all people and places, plants and animals, experiences and developments, dreams and visions, workings and playtimes, loves and artistic creations, hearts, spirits and souls.


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