Paranoia sifts the paradigm shift..

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Drunk world upon the soul of its profusion! All knowing Omniscient Schizopsychosis Patterns iterating, rendering the playhouse of matter... whereof: Gnostic transmission units within units, within units, within units, within one blessed bustling hurtling star-studded atom from the amoebian, handless, interlocuter of creation - Praise god, praise creation! Direct from the void live ever-changing. Paranoia... sifts the paradigm shift, greedily upon its own death dines, the smouldering ash, come the burning courthouse of mind, the opiate shot of olde worlde re-writes, sandcastle and shipwrecks, old colluseum mind, burning Witches to Christians whatever 'other' we can find - follow Mad Caesar pheremonal horde of herd heralding chains the insolent ants erecting Gods from the shame of their mishaps. The murder of their prophets... Hail Caesar and the Botox fascists! Where oh where goes ye oh farce of tiresome alchemy, Gaia's nervous breakdown tsunami, the withering of cathartic tears slashed the artic liquid; within the glow pre-industrial oxide crystals, throughout the storm alive and sparkling... Vicissitude reborn the phantom mists behold, now as they are let go, the past gone no longer to its hideous echo... Will future be won nor art thou composed... From determinist tao to the will of free mind... better i hypnotized... in-scents of Rose... the mind wherewith it hitherto repose... What goes, what grows? What foul games does time expose... Overzealous courthouse, seedy voyuers of reality strip show, no life of their own, cast the first and stone the crows! BRAIN SPLASH - NEWSFLASH! Forgive the despots, tranquilize demons your fractal eminence, weed them out yer subjective conscience, it's news opium, divide and conquer so sang machinic strategem of the ever-elusive slip dimension... Here and Then... Pre and post human? Electric light phantasmagoria media holograms wage inner turmOil, 'The Madness Of King George'! Never met the demoniac phantoms though in dreams i hereby beseech them... from solid state augmentation, blazing spirit re-recreation, to mould putty their spirits... I AM YOU, you are part aether... We are, LostAliens... Re-con$truction, bloodtonic, i of needle drawn from the future wind to fathom the i space in the planetary womb of thy harmonius aethereal: starring two thirds of God's angels in the ear melting swirling whirling dervish casts but of one symphony in the transubjective spiralling hypnotic epiphanic glass of ... viva la vie - energetic proficiency... We are heroic... no-bodies... i am in you and i am in me... i am the voice of elemental tendency i am the silence upon, entwined wherewith, wherein, within, without, it lives and breathes.. (oh thought, you're too much for me you and your joyous boisterous cacophanies... For spell Czech's its far too early for symbolically fucked over pedantics of pedantries... of pedantristry...) i the singularlity i the sexless galaxy i from which all things are scene i the haunted truth of being i the love which lent blood seam i the fire witch burn your freeze i the element weave of tapestry i the sun i the death from where it shone verily i vomit your Gods mine is eternity! Mine the neverending... i am the breeze sift through your trees, Walt Whitman said the dead speak through machinery, thanks Miles, thank the oxygen in your flowing bloodstream... Industrial menstration in the river dreaming... What! Chemicals to promote the bleeding by tampon companies, no, no, no you can't be serious? Cor, blimey, s'like arsenic spilt on the tobacco leaf, cut and pasted antibiotic chicken feed... oh and these are the sponsors of mental hell'th departmentality, where two and two make five Stalin's! Sorry water molecule photographers, some sigils need to be bled of their historical impo(r)tance, moonthly even, or odd, somewhere inbetween perhaps, as to the bones of unthinking ignorant cowards like despotic red rolling carpets... Oh these aren't familiar mind grammatic frequency's, he's dylexic, can't even fukkin spell it! Has a date with Zyprexia a long-lost Greek Goddess resurected by a thirtieth level dice throwing cleric, unearthed by Pharmakon-osis, an ace up the sleeve of Kronos schizophrenic brain meltiing, stage the war against the Gods and Titan Prometheus is hi-jacked by the swats, Socratic boys amourous camp club co-ordinates, seductio au axiom, now keep it real i mean rool from digression back to Pharmakon, behold, even Biblical etymology warns of his evils... Perhaps not so much as Satan was graft from Dionysus... Abracadabra - Metamorphosis Ovid! Sublime quantum elements as archetypal churning cows breast to butter to milk to Ovaltine to kurdish cheese, smiled the war photographer of the contract paid military juanta information machinery... and the clinic advised through love bleary eyes - join times herd, give up the herb, for ninety days, ha, no problem i do that involuntary anyway, than a second thought what if my people said get that girl of antipsychotics, 90 days at least, man i've seen prescription pills fry the brains of people more than a friend on nine years of heroin... Thus i took to smoking far, far more vigilantly... For it was advised by she, strung out on madhouse pills... Though this is not reactionist... This is the war against drugs! Organic God ordained vs synthetics, the govern-mental mind experiment... It's different in Oz unlike hash anti-gravity or alcoholic blind-select meat-market mannequin depravity... Yes children Anti-psychotics is good for ye... faithfull and despondant... oh come ye oh come ye... sez the homogenized culture vigilante, state sponsored Pavlovian machinery... advertising dreams of electric hive-mind climate control destiny, destroy all forest in poison river sequencing... Drink 10-80! Please we plea, please oh Princess Mary save the ever-green forests of Tassie... Our Government has abandoned thee... We cry like lost subjects on the floors of Danish monarchy... Elizabeth will not again dare to execute, heil, hail Mary! Oh names and their memory, Jane Seymour and the beheaded Queens of Henry... Gaia's on food strike, quick eat yer money! Mary Jane headspace more sound then whence i was leased by the corporate drone mind ground, its cheaP coffee flourescent globe marching, ant militia ipod army, eco-vampirical contract wielding in the spell of time sans history... Lament, "that's just the way it is", so said ballad, hip-hop... Dost squirmed reality. that witch wrote history declared the priest, the scourge of dis-information, yay, hip hip hooray, dumb down humans on the spinning space station... literature is like a flame - sacred text to melt the brain... in the gas mould law of deterministic relativistas... of individuatedly organized and packaged lives roll the cultural dice, what a fucked boardgame, i'd rather smoke some ice, said thy fool of hedonist high... coming down from angelic epiphanic, or the masquerading winds of the demon magnetic, a web in which my brother for one, thinks i'm serendipitously ensnared in, from Camelot to Canopus (coming soon to nomadology) mad mythology osmosis, archetypal collusion's subatomic profusions wielded so synchroniusly true rendered hyp-gnosis feeling simone feeling harmonius, yet he chastizes, it reeks of the lodge! Oh love whatever that God thereof... Thereof that God... to whom i's allot...