opening psychology to counter-cultural dialogue

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This is stuff i have the rest of the year to write in full, im sorry for using this discussion board as a plug to get respondents for a questionnaire, but my intent here is more for the soundboarding.i am using a questionnaire, that can be found here:

(many thanks) ... to gauge how cognisant, or how people think about the politics embedded in the hedonic (fun/pleasure seeking) behaviours such as music and drugs. 

Both music and drug subcultures have a long history in terms of counter-cultural dialogue. Subcultural studies themselves are in their infancy at best, however the sociologists have noted for some time that the iconic images in the mass media that represent subcultural figures are embodied by young people in their attempt to sample different possible selves. 

Psychologists can relate to this in terms of the concept of a social construction of identity. Where we each have our own distinct personalities, we also have a social exterior that perhaps most of the time does its best to represent the interior. The meanings we find in our hedonic behaviours are tied temporally and spatially, but the individual's process of meaning-making around these behaviours is something that has existed long before recorded history. 

There are many of us psychologists digging away at the idea of a more subjective science. The social aspect of us "who-mans" is one great mutha of a connundrum that cannot be solved, but also cannot be ignored. By understanding the reference points used by adolescents in their social construction of identity, as one utterance in our greater conversation as social beings, a picture of our larger sociality comes to bare. 

Have you ever wondered why left-wing politics are so audible in todays music? This site is Australien too, so i wonder how many of you (that have actually gotten through this banter) have felt the stinging irony of music such as john butler being flogged to death in every major shopping centre? Im not a big fan of john, but this is the kind of irony that pained me to inspiration.

Would appreciate any thoughts, as well as any who checked the link, thanks again.