NOW OR NEVER > Tim Flannery discusses climate change politics @ Wordstorm NT

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NOW OR NEVER >Climate Change discussion with Tim Flannery @ Wordstorm 2010

In this extensive and detailed talk as part of the NT Writer's Festival in Darwin, keynote speaker Tim Flannery discusses the politics and science around the contemporary climate change debate. Drawing from his influential quarterly essay 'Now Or Never: A Sustainable Future For Australia?', Flannery discusses the century old science behind climate change and suggests that it has only become a controversial science since its findings have begun to interrupt the economic status quo. Flannery goes on to discuss the Australian response to climate change including the Rudd Government's recent backflip on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, the complex politics of global governance as illustrated by the Copenhagen 2009 conference and reasons we should not give up hope.

The talk, broadcast on ABC Television's Big Ideas includes a question toward the end by Undergrowth Editor Timothy Parish who was also at the NT Writer's Festival.

Original ABC web link here.

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