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The Punch Line; the unifying principle.

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puchline as unifying principle


  JOKES usually have three main parts to them. Here is an example:

Buddha walks into a pizza restaurant and says, ‘Make me one with everything.’

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the big boss

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the big bossimages of japan fused together by ahimsa-creative.com

WORDS ARE MAGICK > with Rak Razam & Levin A. Diatschenko


Interview with magickal realist writer Levin Diatschenko, Australian author of "The Man who Never Sleeps" and the recent novella "Meta-Detective". Levin expounds on the act of writing about magical thought, the power of words themselves and the similarities between practising magic and writing with experiential podcaster Rak Razam. Conducted at the Rails Hotel, Byron Bay, mid-Oct 2009.

For more on Levin's work see:  www.levindiatschenko.com

This City Speaks to Me > by Being Films

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'This City Speaks To Me'

Spoken word by Si

Directed by Darius Devas of Being Films

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TECHNOMAD > Global Raving Countercultures > by Graham St John

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Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures
by Graham St John.

A cultural history of global electronic dance music countercultures, Technomad explores the pleasurable and activist trajectories of post-rave culture.

RAP NEWS Episode 3 > Al Gore vs Lord Monckton on Copenhagen

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In this third intstalment of Rap News, Al Gore finally accepts Lord Monckton's challenge to a highly uncivilized debate over the issue of anthropogenic climate change as we count down to the Copenhagen Climate Conference - aka COP15.
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The Human Machine > by Levin A. Diatschenko

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   Imagine a robot that has a limited number of responses. If you say hello to it, the robot automatically reacts with: “Hi, how are you today?” If you keep greeting the robot, the repeated response would get annoying and it would not take long for you to recognise it as a machine. But say the creator programs it so that at every third time someone greets the robot, it changes its response to a second sentence: “Fine day, isn’t it?” In this case you would take longer to catch on it was a robot, but not much longer.

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DANCECULT > The Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture > edited by Graham St John

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Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC) edited by radical anthropologist and regular Undergrowth contrbutor Graham St John

The first issue of Dancecult is now available with downloadable PDFs accessible at http://dj.dancecult.net with full description of contents listed below.


Dancecult 1.1 2009 Contents:

Editor's Introduction  

Featured Articles

IDM as a "Minor" Literature: The Treatment of Cultural and Musical Norms by "Intelligent Dance Music" - Ramzy Alwakeel
Decline of the Rave Culture Inspired Clubculture in China: State Suppression, Clubber Adaptations, and Socio-cultural Transformations - Matthew M Chew
Neotrance and the Psychedelic Festival - Graham St John
Too Young to Drink, Too Old to Dance: The Influences of Age and Gender on (Non) Rave Participation - Julie Gregory     
DJ Culture in the Commercial Sydney Dance Music Scene - Ed Montano     

From the Floor

Convergence and Soniculture: 10 Years of MUTEK  - tobias c. van Veen
The Hardcore Continuum? - Jeremy Gilbert
The Abstract Reality of the "Hardcore Continuum" - Mark Fisher
12 Noon, Black Rock City - Graham St John      
The Inverted Sublimity of the Dark Psytrance Dance Floor - Botond Vitos


We Call It Techno! A Documentary About Germany's Early Techno Scene (Sextro and Wick) - Hillegonda C Rietveld  
Lost and Sound: Berlin, Techno, und der Easyjetset (Rapp) - Sean Nye   
Chromatic Variation in Ethnographic Research: A Review of Psychedelic White: Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race (Saldanha) - Anthony D'Andrea
Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational Countercultures in Ibiza and Goa (D'Andrea) -        Charles de Ledesma     
Breakcore: Identity and Interaction on Peer-to-Peer (Whelan) - Emily Ferrigno
The High Life: Club Kids, Harm and Drug Policy (Perrone) - Lucy Gibson

Dancecult is to be published twice annually, the journal features an advisory board of international experts,
and has emerged as an extension of the international EDMC research network, Dancecult:

Graham St John
Executive Editor for Dancecult

How To Make Trouble And Influence People > from Breakdown Press




Featuring Stories and images collected together from Australia’s radical past. This anthology is a rich collection of often unheard events and people from across the land.

This collection reveals Australia’s radical past through tales of Indigenous resistance, convict revolts and escapes, picket line hi-jinks, student occupations, creative direct action, media pranks, urban interventions, squatting, blockades, banner drops, street theatre and billboard liberation.

RAP NEWS Episode 2 > Obama Bombs Moon, wins Nobel Peace Prize > with Hugo 1

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The second episode of Rap News covers the fallout from the now infamous NASA Moon Bomb on October 9th, the very same day on which the Nobel Committee awarded US President Barack Obama the 2009 'War is Peace' Prize. Is it justified? Is it premature or plain immature? And what will the Moon say?! Was this a prize for peace-making or for making war look like peace, something Bush was not able to do? And why do we even care what these Norwegian guys do. All this, and more, in this latest report with Robert Foster on ~JuiceMedia's Rap News.