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The Wake

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waking fellow?The Wake



I stirred and awoke to find myself seated on the couch. A glorious sun shone through everything, as if my surroundings were translucent.

The television was on and I was alone.

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"Time-ism" or Father Christmas Does Exist

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 St. Nick

Santa Clause does exist. He exists in the Fourth Century, in the area that is now northern Turkey, under the name of Saint Nicholas. To say that he doesn’t exist is a lie, as much of a lie as saying he has magic reindeers and a home in present day North Pole.

   The obvious rebuttal is to say he existed—not exists—in the past tense. My argument is that this is not more truthful, just more ‘our-own-time-centric’. Biased, in other words, like a metaphysical prejudice. Saint Nicholas does exist in that time and place. Being biased towards our own time and place is closed-minded, and leads to illusion and even violence. A case in point: somebody once said that the world is flat, based on the fact that no one in his own time could prove that it was round. Somebody could prove it, of course, in the future. But some notable people went to prison or were tortured, or killed, because they did not cater to the time-bias (shall I say ‘timeism’?). Giordano Bruno, I hear, is being burned at the stake in 1590 for affirming the Earth's motion around the sun.

'What Can I Do' > by Monkeymarc

Monkeymarcs, beat maestro from hip hop collective Combat Wombat has released his first solo album. 'As The Market Crashed' is a richly textured record that swings from blues to banghra, cruncy dub and chilled out trip hop.
Feature track 'What Can I Do' is a groovy mix of old blues, grimy beats and funked up keys. Check it out below.

Bouncing Stones > Spoonbill video by Dropbear

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Dropbear's quirky VJ mashup for Bouncing Stones by Spoonbill, one of the standout tracks on the from 2008's Gourmet Scavenger compilation released by Omelette Records.


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Jitunes picoin passionate plant heads sharing their experiences with psychoactive plants and their relationship to the Gaian matrix. Behind the chemistry are there active intelligences in the plant world, and if so how do we best interact with them? How can reclaiming our human-vegetal partnership help us become a sustainable culture? Why do we need to connect to the plant world? If plants can be teachers, can humans be students? What is our historical and bio-chemical relationship with plants? What does Nature have to teach us? What is the Australian plant kingdom’s place in the global entheo blossoming?


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American Drug War : The Last White Hope details the journey of Producer/Director Kevin Booth  trying to understand the complexity and paradoxes of the ongoing drug war in America after losing three members of his family to legal drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.  Through a wide variety of interviews with users, dealers, DEA officers, CIA operatives, the former US Drug Czar, prisoners, wardens, doctors, medical marijuana administrators, lawyers, victims and rednecks the documentary covers a huge range of the the opinions and issues revolving around this highly controversial issue.

Uranium Wormwood > by Andy Thomas

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Uranium Wormwood > by Andy Thomas

Uranium Wormwood> Andy Thomas (Android)

Andy Thomas' work creates a visual fusion between Nature and Technology. By taking photos of plants, insects and machines and compositing them with artificially created forms in various 3D programs. The very process of the art he creates is symbolic of mankind’s continuing corruption of the natural world. His photographic endeavours have led him to such exotic locations as Borneo, Laos and the rainforests of Tasmania and the Daintree River.

Freak of Nature > by Andy Thomas

The Global Oneness Project


What if the world embodied our highest potential? What would it look like? As the structures of modern society crumble, is it enough to respond with the same tired solutions? Or are we being called to question a set of unexamined assumptions that form the very basis of our civilization?

R.I.P. Pablo Amaringo > Visionary Shamanic Artist

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 Pablo Amaringo was a visionary artist from the Peruvian Amazon who decribed his shamanic visions in beautiful paintings that have communicated the deep insights of the Ayahuasca medicine plant and a unique perspective of the universe.

 His work is well known throughout the world, and has been collected in the anthology 'Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman'.

Pablo passed away on November 16, 2009, after several weeks of illness. He will be greatly missed by the global shamanic and visionary art communities.


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SUBMEDIA  presents 'Its The End Of The World And We Know And I Feel Fine' newscast hosted by The St!mulator, one of the most radical and subversive online mashups of news and opinion out there.