dream is destiny


Dream is Destiny is a zine written and published by Paul Oosting from Hobart, Tasmania. It explores ideas relating to lucid dreaming as form of altered consciousness drawing from experiments and experience by the author, interspersed with various historical and contemporary texts on the subject.

"The great mystery of sleep in our lives is that we can know so little about it... consider that we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping...

"Once we are conscious we can suddenly see where we are - we are able to see our seeing. Hear our Hearing. Touch our touching and feel our feeling With consciousness we can be where we are. Consciousness is the doorway through which we enter dreamscape. "

Charles MacPhee, 1968.

Design: Amy Johnstone

Paul can be reached at pauloosting(a)hotmail.com

The zine can be downloaded as printable PDF below.


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