Phone Drones by Dub Ninja

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Dub Ninja Dub Ninja a.k.a. Dan Sommariva-Rojo (drummer from fresh local acts Agency Dub Collective and Organic Intelekt) has unleashed his production skills in a prolific partnership with an 808 and other noise tweaking devices to create expansive electro-dub sonic landscapes. This release, influenced by Jamaican and UK dub, dancehall, drum n bass and hiphop, is the culmination of many years of combining technology with live instrumentation, and the latest of numerous dub, hiphop and drum n bass releases. Dub Ninja can be found dropping sets around Melbourne, with the odd freestyle or toast in the mix, making heads nod with his spacious and tasty beats.
13. Phone Drones-Dub Ninja 1.mp34.1 MB