VISIONS of MU > exhibition by Tim Parish @ The Otto Manzheim Gallery, Tokyo

Undergrowth presents VISIONS of MU 日本語

new paintings by Tim Parish at the Otto Manzheim Gallery - Hacchoubori, Tokyo

VISIONS of MU is a new series of paintings and illustrations by Australian based media artist VERB aka Tim Parish presented by Undergrowth - a cross media art collective which hosts an online magazine of original art, creative writing, video and music from young artists from across Australia. It will be the first exhibition at the Otto Manzheim Gallery, a new space in the Hacchoubori district of central Tokyo for young and emerging artists to exhibit their work.

About the artist:
Tim Parish is a cross-media artist based in Melbourne Australia, where he is the co-editor and art director of Undergrowth Magazine, a freelance graphic designer and video artist producing a number of music videos, short documentaries and experimental art films. In his spare time Parish is also a writer and painter, exhibiting his work regularly at exhibitions as part of the Undergrowth Art Collective. While travelling across South East Asia and China throughout 2007 he has worked as a mural artist, painting large public art pieces in Thailand, Cambodia and Western China. Nomadology, a collective blog by young Australian writers and artists on the subject of travel, chronicles much of the artist travels throughout these countries.

english flyer for the exhibitionThis body of work represents images envisioned over the last nines months of travelling, but also is inspired by the artists time doing an art residency at the Earth Embassy, an organic farm and cafe/guesthouse where he has set up a temporary studio in Yamanashi, near Mt. Fuji.

Parish says “In these paintings and illustrations I am experimenting with a visual language which can reveal insights into consciousness, spirit and nature. Since arriving in Japan, I have fallen in love with the concept of MU, a complex word which at once describes the connection between everything and nothingness within the universe. It seemed to encapsulate some of the more expansive and magical subject matter which I have been exploring in these paintings.”

Of his work he says: “I am interested in mixing the insights of a postmodern mind and an animist worldview of nature and the many different ways to explore consciousness; through meditation, shamanism, magic, technology and art. These paintings are unified by this theme of the interconnected nature of consciousness and life.”

Of his influences, Parish says: “In these works I have been strongly influenced by personal visions as well as artistic styles in the countries I have travelled through. These new paintings could be seen to incorporate elements of Japanese ink painting, tribal art, mandala and ecological philosophy. It also draws on the influence of groundbreaking contemporary psychedelic artists such as Alex Grey and Fred Tomaselli."

During the opening night of the exhibition there will be live music and video collaboration between the artist and Tokyo musician NabeOne, followed by a dj late into the night. Drinks and snacks will be for sale from the gallery's traditional Japanese style bar. A small book collecting art from the exhibition will also be for sale over the course of the exhibition.

On the second weekend of the exhibition Undergrowth will also use the gallery space to show a number of independent short films, animations and documentaries from Australia at the gallery during the evenings in their ‘Motion Pixels Cinema’. More information of screening times are available through

Opening night: Saturday 27th October, 7pm -late
Exhibition Times: Tuesday - Saturday 11am-5pm.

Closing: Saturday 10th Nov.

Otto Manzheim Gallery Tokyo-to,chuo-ku,hacchoubori 3-11-9 B1
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For more information or to arrange an interview with the artist:

phone: 0902974697 or email: