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This City Speaks To Me > street poetry by Si > video by Verb

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Guerilla Gardening Goes Mainstream


We never thought we'd be promoting a program on commercial television here on Undergrowth, but then again, we never thought theyd produce a show that was so renegade. We'll, it is 2009, and there is an African American in the White House, and in case you needed more proof that the shift is in the process, then look no further. Guerilla Gardeners on Channel 10 is an entire series devoted to the illegal and clandestine culture jamming of a group of urban activists changing the world one empty lot at the time. More than that, it's pretty much a step by step guide to DIY urban renewal, complete with secret HQ meetings in an undisclosed warehouse location and how to's on sweet talking the local official so they don't bust you.  Actually, it might just be the most anarchist television program ever produced in Australia, up there with other maverick luminaries of the little screen John Safran or The Chaser, mixed with a bit of permaculture, and a spice of squat philosophy...

Zeitgeist: Addendum > Feature Documentary



"Zeitgeist Addendum" by Peter Conrad 2008.

Winner Best Feature Artivist's Spirit at the 2008 Artivist Film Festival, California.


 "We are seeing how important it is to bring about in the human mind a radical revolution. The crisis is a crisis in consciousness - a crisis that cannot any more accept the old norms." -Krishna Murti

Forest Activists Attacked > Upper Florentine Valley, Tassie

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Forest activists attacked in the Upper Florentine Valley, Tassie

On the morning of Friday 21st of November, a peaceful action by conservationists in the Upper Florentine was targeted by violent logging contractors, with one activist kicked in the head and blockade infrastructure attacked with a sledgehammer, seriously endangering two activists . This occurred while a Forestry Tasmania employee watched on.

Why Societies Fail >by Jared Diamond

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Traverse The Sky > by The Spheres

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Traverse The Sky In Three Great Steps (pt 2) from Undergrowth Motion Pixels


A beautiful, evocative music video for the atmospheric energy of The Spheres' wall of sound. The textured world of the video creates a vision of birds on powerlines that resemble notes on a musical stave, and a powerful visual experience that is a staple of the bands live audiovisual sets around Melbourne.

Music by The Spheres
Video by Susan Gamble

The War > by Animators At Large

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The War from Undergrowth Motion Pixels on Vimeo.

 A biting anti-war animation directed by Dan Hartney and produced by Animators At Large. Although the smiley face leader might look like a typical white bureaucrat in glasses, Australian's will instantly recognise him as John Howard, the former Prime Minister who led the nation to join the US in the recent Iraq War. Created directly after the invasion the video is a direct response to that conflict, but also succeeds in universalizing the message to all wars.

Ella > dance performance

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Ella > Fashion Show from Undergrowth Motion Pixels on Vimeo.

A contact dance performance by the Livewire dance group as part of the winter season show for the Melbourne independent label Ella. Held at the Melbourne Central Fashion Incubator with music by Carlos from the Barons of Tang on accordian, Darcy from Kafka playing trumpet and Kent on drums.

Banksy's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill > NYC


Voices From The Ghetto > by Izzy Brown

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A short film by Izzy Brown of Australian hip hop group Combat Wombat documenting a musical journey to Kenya in 2007 to explore the hip hop and politics of the country. Featuring Kenyan hip hop artists Sinpare and insights into the lives of ordinary young Kenyans.

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