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qwest image A video clip for Australian hip hop group Combat Wombat featuring MC Izzy, Elf Tranzporter and Seed MC. "We're on a qwest to communicate" dur: 5:41 shot in Melbourne, Australia Contact Information: Izzy Brown
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A Certain Point

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A Certain Point gif A Certain Point (2003) A playful portrait of the bicycle protest Critical Mass in the streets of Melbourne in 2003. Critical Mass is a mass bicycle ride through the city to draw attention to the domination of the car and pollution they cause in our urban environments. It offers a creative solution to city transport and encourages more people to ride bikes.

Dambusters > TZU


An animated music video for the hip hop group TZU shot inside one of Melbourne's infamous Empty Show squat art galleries.

Tunin' Technology

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tunin'technology_gif An activist road trip around alternative Australia with hip hop drum'n'bass outfit Combat Wombat.
Includes DIY explanations of their vegie oil car, wind powered cinema and solar powered sound system.

Fascism is Fun

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An informative commercial for the Fascist Party - "the perfect solution to the today's busy professional" who has no time to waste on the 'democratic process'. Originally produced as part of the Time To Go John DVD and project prior to the 2004 Australian Federal Elections


x-continental_gif A videoclip for Australian hip-hop group The Herd produced in Brisbane 2001. Two kids roam the streets of a modern metropolis observing the multinational culture through their own cultural filters. Run time: 00:04:17 Director: Jean Poole, Jesse Sullivan Producer: Jean Poole, Jesse Sulllivan
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Telestreets - The Italian Media Jacking Movement

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Telestreets - The Italian Media Jacking Movement from Verb Studios

Telestreet is a short film documenting the vast network of close to 200 micro TV transmitters that have sprung from Italy's vibrant political counter-culture. Telestreet has grown in opposition to media tycoon and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's control of close to 90% of the daily audience. But Telestreet also reaches far beyond this, linking up with video distribution on the net to create new forms of media production and social activism to challenge the media monopolies. Check out the Telestreet website for more information.

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