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The Shape Of My Tongue

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 'The Shape Of My Tongue' is part of a series of contemporary poems inspired by the words of sufi poet Rumi and performed by Sydney artist Thomas, Jack of Hearts.

Music by Briztronix.

Produced and directed by Tim Parish aka VERB

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Empty Show 2002 > by Tim Parish


Empty Show 2002

video : Tim Parish

audio: DJ Shadow

A short music video documentation of the first Empty Show in Williamstown, Melbourne 2002.

"I created this while video working for the Melbourne community tv show Access News as a creative way to document the first Empty Show exhibition, which a number of well known street artists around Melbourne had created in an abandoned pub in Williamstown. It only lasted for an hour hour before the police came and kicked us all out, and although I returned there a few months later the whole place had been boarded up. For all I know all the art is still sitting in there, like some cave that will be discovered by future anthropologists or something and turned into a monument of early 21st century creativity. Or, at least I hope so."

Toil and Trouble > video by Robbie Mcewan



still from Toil and Trouble


When the warehouse Boss lowers the overheads on the workers things get nasty. Luckily, pallet-stacker Bronwen has a black belt in Industrial Relations.

Empty Show 2007

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This film documents the 9th 'Emptyshow', a graffiti art exhibition created in an abandoned building. The Emptyshows have been going for about 5 years in Australia. Basically a bunch of street artists find an abandoned space- take it over, paint it up & have an opening. No-one knows who organizes the shows, invitations to the opening is by word of mouth and the location kept a secret until the last minute. This film was made especially to screen on the Fed Square outdoor screen as part of "Caught on Tape".
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