Tasforests > by Heidi Douglas

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This short film by Heidi Douglas and Jacob Primo is a political nature documentary. Without narration it takes the viewer on audiovisual journey through the forests of Tasmania, into the heart of the clearfelling of old growth trees, and through to the resistance of young forest blockaders attempting to prevent the destruction.

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Through The Wire by Pip Starr

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Through The Wire gif In March 2002, detainees of Australia's Woomera detention centre staged a mass breakout in a spontaneous and desperate bid for freedom. Aided by hundreds of committed social activists protesting Australia's treatment of asylum seekers in mandatory detention, the breakout captured the attention and interest of human rights groups around the globe.

Fascism is Fun

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An informative commercial for the Fascist Party - "the perfect solution to the today's busy professional" who has no time to waste on the 'democratic process'. Originally produced as part of the Time To Go John DVD and project prior to the 2004 Australian Federal Elections

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