Earthdream > documentary by Matt Bonner

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Europe 1988: Mutoid Waste founder Robin Mutoid conceives a journey across the Australian desert, which would fuse a 'madder than Max' blend of theater, protest, radical lifestyle and performance. Twelve years later Robin heads to Port Augusta in Australia's far south to see who will join the vision. Those who come are a mixture of activists, musicians, travellers and artists willing to take part in the 20,000km journey and experiment with 'lateral human governance'. Along the way the spontaneous community of creative nomads hold parties and free festivals, perform music workshops for kids in the outback and also experience violence at the hands of the South Australian Police Force during a protest for indigenous rights at the Beverly Uranium Mine.

Visionary Activators

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These video interviews with 'Visionary Activators' Shane Huebner and Margaret Cross were first screened on Channel 31's Vision program. Shane and Margaret come from ordinary backgrounds and have been drawn to a number of healing modalities in their travels across North and South America, relearning the wisdom tradtions of those cultures. Now they practise and teach body and spirit work and Wisdom Teachings in their shamanistic ceremonies and are also raising consciousness about paradigm change and re-connection to the planet. As part of this they also teach Common Law classes to empower individuals and activists as part of a Gaian Spiritual Warrior programme that marries activism and entheogenic awareness.

Tasmania's Clean Green Future: Too Precious To Pulp? > documentary by Heidi Douglas

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Gunns Ltd’s proposed pulp mill will affect the future of all Tasmanian families. This film explains the environmental, economic and health impacts of the proposed pulp mill that Gunns, the Tasmanian State Government and the Federal Government have so far ignored.

Produced by Heidi Douglas

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Carteret Islands by Pip Starr


The people of the Carteret Islands are about to make history. They will not be the first people to lose their homes because of global warming. Rising seas, expanding deserts and changing weather have already displaced many, possibly millions of people. But the people of the Carterets are unique, as they will be the first to see their atoll, 6 small islands 100 km form Bougainville, completely submerged. They will begin to desert their islands in early 2007.

Naomi Robson Xmas Reel

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Naomi Robson, darling of Channel 7's Today Tonight has recently resigned as the host of that show after a year of spectacular gaf's. From unsuccesfully trying to sneak in to West Papua to report on the terrible and ongoing genocide by the cannibals in the hills (as opposed to the Indonesian military rule), and accidentally wearing kakhi the week Steve Irwin died, it has not been a good year for Naomi.

Police Brutality video by Combat Wombat

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'Police Brutality' is the second video clip from Combat Wombat's album Unsound System. Based on illustrations by vocalist MC Izzy, the video was created by Dragonfly Animation. It also features indymedia footage from Pine Gap and Beverly Uranium Mine protests. Check out Combat Wombat's previous video's on Undergrowth Qwest and Tunin' Technology. Visit Combat Wombat's website website for more about the band.

'Gumtree' by Spoonbill + Aphid

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From the Undergrowth archives: VJ King Aphid's anarchic video clip to Spoonbill's glitch ode to the Australiana classic 'Gumtree'

Video: Aphid (aka Jonno Chong)

Postcards From The Machine

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A Postcard from the Machine (Australian Immigration Politics) (2006)

This piece was inspired by Senator Judi Moylan's controversial crossing the floor over John Howard's failed immigration ammendment. An act described by maverick liberal MP Petro Georgiou as the most profoundly disturbing piece of legislation put forward in contemporary times.
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RESOLUTIONARY TV: REDUX ~ An Indymedia Video Essay

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THE BLACK GST > video documentary

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Black GST gif The Black GST

This short documentary about contemporary and historical indigenous issues is narrated by two of the leaders of the Black GST movement, Robbie and Marg Thorpe. It explores the three main issues of unfinished business leftover from Australia's reconciliation movement.

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