How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

| | When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Cuba's economy went into a tailspin. With imports of oil cut by more than half – and food by 80 percent – people were desperate.

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip > video by Leo Murray

Good Bloke Weekly > Special Edition


 Good Bloke > Special Edition

Robert Newman's History of Oil > Feature Documentary

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In this brilliant 45 minute piece of live theatre powered by bicycle power, English comedian and political satirist Rober Newman explains the 100 year history of oil at the Hoxton Hall Theatre, London. A fascinating and entertaining primer for the politics behind the current conflicts in the Middle East, oil power and activism.

Schwann Cybershaman's picture

Further adventures on the Costa Del Sol with Dennis Mckenna and Schwann - The Movie

Fused by Paradox > Shuki Shalev


"Since the early 1990s Psychedelic Electronic Dance Music Culture (PEDMC) gatherings – centered on the psychedelic trance music genre and its accompanying drug-fueled carnivalesque revelry – have significantly impacted upon Israeli culture in general and on its young generations in particular. In fact, Israel is arguably the only country in the world where psytrance is a prevalent form of popular music and one so widely exported that the global trance community recognizes Israel as a 'trance power'. Occurring on a regular basis, local PEDMC events are an increasingly common form of recreation among diverse segments of Israeli youth. Known as 'parties' or mesibot, Israeli PEDMC gatherings have a reputation of being "full-on" in their approach to music production and performance as well as to participants' open and often brazen use of illegal drugs. Yet, despite – or perhaps because of their popularity – estimates claim that these gatherings attract between fifty to one hundred thousand monthly participants – mesibot continue to be viewed negatively by the Israeli mainstream establishment (e.g. educators, media and law enforcement) who feel challenged by local PEDMC affiliates' seemingly countercultural stance.

Welcome To The Future > Iraq Anniversary > Video Blog by Richard Neville

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Richard Neville looks back at the war in Iraq on its 5th anniversary and discusses the failure of mainstream media and such sites as YouTube to convey the full spectrum of horrors committed by occupiers. Puppy tossing is a metaphor of psychopathic breakdown. Neville compares those who rely on conventional news sources to the prisoners in Plato's cave - ill equipped to see what's really happening. And as for the instigators of the invasion, why are they still at large?

The Bandito Newshour


Bandito Newshour is a short preview of the experimental theatrical news service operating live out of Open Studio in Northcote every Thursday. Bandito presents world news with a mixture of satire, speculation and emotion, attempting to represent the news in a way that does not disenfranchise the viewer from the emotional impact of the information presented.

Squeezed - Free Trade and Asian Farmers > Scarab Studio


Filmed in Thailand and The Philippines in July 2007, Squeezed tells the story of how free trade agreements and globalisation are changing the lives of millions of people living in the Asia-Pacific region.

Produced: 2007/09/24
Production Company: Scarab Studio
Distributor: Global Trade Watch
Duration: 4 minutes 38 seconds

File Size: 88.1 MB

The 2050 Project - A Virtual Blueprint

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The 2050 Project is a virtual blueprint for a sustainable Melbourne in the year 2050. This 3D visualization invites you to experience the vision of sustainable city in action. Travel on our sustainable transport and step inside eco-buildings of the future as we explore new possibilities and stretch our imagination of the world that could be.

For more information on sustainability movement and how to get involved:

Duration: 24 minutes 30 seconds

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