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SUBMEDIA  presents 'Its The End Of The World And We Know And I Feel Fine' newscast hosted by The St!mulator, one of the most radical and subversive online mashups of news and opinion out there.

ART IS MAGIC > interview with Alan Moore

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Iconoclastic writer-magus Alan Moore explains his personal philosophy of how all forms of art are literally magic. An excerpt from the documentary 'The Mindscape of Alan Moore', a portrait of the artist as contemporary shaman, someone with the power to transform consciousness by means of manipulating language, symbols and images by Shadowsnake Films.



The Age of Stupid is a 90-minute film about contemporary climate change, set in a future trying to understand how we let the situation deteriorate when we had so much information in front of us. Produced by creators of McLibel, and starring Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (In The Name of the Father, Brassed Off)  as a man living alone in the devasted world of 2055, looking back at “archive” footage from 2007 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?

Old Growth - The Florentine > by Being Films

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A short film about the ongoing situation of old growth logging in the upper Florentine forest in Tasmania.

Shot in the summer of 2009 by Darius Devas from Being Films

Kymatica > The Evolution of Consciousness



 Kymatica is a fascinating meta-science doco-essay on the nature of consciousness and evolution, weaving together different theories from astropsychology, the cosmic octave, heart politics, morphogenesis, cancer and psychic parasitism, babylon, language and alienation from the true self, common law, money and word magic, general conspiracy theories, transpersonal therapy and shamanism.

Zeitgeist: Addendum > Feature Documentary



"Zeitgeist Addendum" by Peter Conrad 2008.

Winner Best Feature Artivist's Spirit at the 2008 Artivist Film Festival, California.


 "We are seeing how important it is to bring about in the human mind a radical revolution. The crisis is a crisis in consciousness - a crisis that cannot any more accept the old norms." -Krishna Murti

Forest Activists Attacked > Upper Florentine Valley, Tassie

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Forest activists attacked in the Upper Florentine Valley, Tassie

On the morning of Friday 21st of November, a peaceful action by conservationists in the Upper Florentine was targeted by violent logging contractors, with one activist kicked in the head and blockade infrastructure attacked with a sledgehammer, seriously endangering two activists . This occurred while a Forestry Tasmania employee watched on.

Why Societies Fail >by Jared Diamond

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Banksy's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill > NYC


Voices From The Ghetto > by Izzy Brown

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A short film by Izzy Brown of Australian hip hop group Combat Wombat documenting a musical journey to Kenya in 2007 to explore the hip hop and politics of the country. Featuring Kenyan hip hop artists Sinpare and insights into the lives of ordinary young Kenyans.

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