Moons And Planets

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Moons And Planets.


Levin A. Diatschenko


  Imagine a moon who revolves around three or so planets. Frustrated, he exclaims, “I am a planet too! I am not just your moon!” It is not true, of course; he is only a moon.

   You can never convince people that you are a planet; you either are or aren’t. An elephant does not need to say he’s an elephant.

   If we do not have the strength, endurance or power to circulate the sun, we need to circulate some one or thing else that does. Those people or organizations are planets.

   Planets have responsibilities. Their job is to help their moons to become planets too. Their job is to direct the aspiring gaze of his moon/s gradually to the sun. A planet is only useful if he is fulfilling this role.

   From this perspective, it is important to choose a planet, as opposed to drifting to the closest. A planet who just gathers moons is no use. None of these moons will become planets as long as they revolve around him.

   Moons have responsibilities too. Being a moon denotes that you revolve around something. You are attached to something, part of a community. Moons affect the tides. On the other hand, meteorites are wanderers with no attachment to anything, and no effectiveness except in destruction.

   When two planets begin fighting for possession of one moon, this is indicative of a transformation. The planets have started ‘revolving’ around the moon, and therefore become moons themselves. If the moon is conscious of this opportunity as it is happening, he instantly changes into a planet and gains two moons. If not, the three moons drift automatically toward the strongest place of gravity. 

   Helena Blavatsky was a planet within the Theosophical Society, and the Theosophical Society was a planet within the occult movement. She pointed to the sun of spiritual progress, and gained many moons under ‘planet theosophy.’ The gossip against theosophy that appeared in the literature of many more distant planets of the time (e.g. Brotherhood of Luxor, Gurdjieff, Crowley, Spiritualists, and on) are indicative of how strong and influential was the gravity of the Theosophical Society. There was jealousy.

   When Blavatsky died, moons grew to take her place and continue nurturing new moons. Under her, many moons became planets in their own right, and then they even broke away on their own orbits. Steiner, Alice A. Bailey and Krishnamurti all became planets of their own. This is not a bad thing, but rather indicative of Blavatsky’s ability to foster true growth.

   It takes more than knowledge and imagination to become a planet. Whatever the mind is attached to, the thinker is ‘revolving’ around. This is what Gurdjieff must have meant when he said, “considering others is a form of slavery”. On the surface it sounds selfish but there may be a difference between ‘being considerate’ and ‘considering.’

   It takes assertiveness to become a planet. It also takes foresight and planning; one must see the sun, plan one’s trajectory around it, and have such concentration as to never lose sight of the sun for a moment, even when other bodies distract. A weak will revolves around anybody or thing that comes in its vicinity (automatically). In the spirit of diplomacy and love, one often becomes a moon for others in order to learn the other’s point of view; but eventually one must crystallise into an embodiment of purpose. This is not aggression; this is a show of honesty. This is Self-actualisation and it can also be protection against slavery.

   Let us say that by doing another man’s will, you become an ‘extension’ of that other man’s being. His manifested self spreads to others as he wins over obedience or imitation. Weaker personalities allow this kind of possession all the time, unconsciously or out of politeness, or in confusion of not knowing what else to do. Whenever we think what others persuade us to think, they have ‘possessed’ us mentally. Whenever we feel what they want us to feel, our emotional body is theirs. Think of a crew of workers all dressed in the same shirts, performing the same physical actions. Just being caught off guard by a quick-talking salesman can lead you to giving some of your life to him (symbolised by money) and taking on a symbol of his possession of you (the product he sells you).

   An esoteric definition of ‘being assertive’ might be: ‘attempting to resist possession.’ There are, of course, positive versions of ‘falling in’ with other people’s wills. A musical group needs its conductor. A boxer trusts his coach. The psychedelics let the ‘spirit of the vine’ Ayahuasa in.

   The extent of this kind of possession that has been going on in society (and my own life) is stupendous. But only recently have I comprehended it. This is, I believe, because of the ‘Intention’ or ‘point of tension’ being built as result of occult meditation[1]. It is this pool of energy built in the mental plane (through meditation) that fills a vacuum inside a personality. It is that vacuum which, if left unfilled, sucks in passing entities (unconsciously) and allows them to take possession. (If no ‘passing entity is near, the vacuum becomes a ‘form of propulsion’ until a stronger will is found.) The world is filled with such vacant personalities, all malleable and susceptible to the suggestions of group laws, billboards, peer pressure, patriotism, violence, and so on. 

   Herein is the significance of Alice Bailey’s idea of service by being, rather than doing. The first stage of projection must surely be to be able to say no, when a wave of worldly forces extend your way. We do this not merely by ‘saying no’ in the literal sense, but by ‘being’—coming forward as a law unto your self, as a soul-infused personality.

   In reaching out, joining groups in the community in an attempt at serving, you also risk becoming a moon of many planets. This is my experience, and while it has enriched the past few years, I have found it difficult to hold a peaceful state amidst the ‘smoke of the battle.’ A still mind, restraining all modifications, is not as difficult when you are in a quiet and eventless environment. But to project that onto a busy environment is the next task. To fall into orbit of everyone that comes in proximity drains one of energy, and, eventually of effectiveness to manifest the ideal.   



[1] Specifically, the Arcane School method (