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"Metropolis Mission" is a feature track from Culture Connect's new self titled album.

Culture Connect are a seven-piece live hip-hop outfit originally hailing from Darwin, with half the crew now calling Bris-Vegas home. Featuring four MCs and a band made up of bass, guitar, drums, and samples via MPC and keyboard, the crew bring a dynamic live show that is renowned to get the crowd amped up and dancing while still delivering food for thought.

Recently Culture Connect has released their debut EP Natural Intelligence independently (check your local hip-hop specialists), from which a film-clip is about to be released. The crews debut album is in the works and will feature a number of special guests including TZU, The Herd, Elf Tranzporter, Sista Native and Tribal SUNS.

Also,check out for their new video clip Natural Intelligence, directed by Undergrowth's Tim Parish in motion pixels.

For more info, check out Culture Connect's Myspace here:

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