MERCURY > a poetry anthology by SI

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MERCURY is a new anthology of poems by Melbourne poet Si.

Launched in 2009, the book was toured to the National Young Writers Festival, Emerging Writers Festival (VIC) and West End Street Festival. In May 2010 it will be launched at WORDSTORM NT in Darwin as part of 'Tales From The Undergrowth' at Happy Yess.

Below is an excerpt from the book.





(here there is a tapping against the static
no introduction to your veins
only the release of blood
& all things return)

Here I am 80 kilograms of flesh bone muscle and blood
6ft 1 off the ground I walk upon
23 years deep into death
half pissed and half fed
heart undernourished and over attended

(The waves roll in....drag back..)

over there on the block of no devotion
the broken laps of obesity
the lunch of judges in recess from murder trials

this is the course we shall take
this is the ball and chain attached to your head
full of schooling and padded like mental institutions
“that is wrong
& this is right”
the micro-chip on your fathers shoulder

and there’s a scapegoat

here’s lost
here’s being lost
here’s a lost being
a being lost here

the bush is no place for lovers
it is for but vigilance

fall as forcefully from the answer as to where the comets come from
from the arms of no-ones knowing
and into the charm of your own inner beckon

down on your hands and knees
 in a desert in a desert in a desert called federation square
the quadrangles of your mind

there is fever in the unfathomable

like the mercury in your palms

from suits of armor to naked truths
the cross fade of either existence
must be gentle
like making love to a damaged woman

like adjective adjective adjective metaphor
explanation question correspondence  rhythmical timed simile,
statement and reprise
then contradiction
cynical response
dark adjective metaphor
and Dadaistic dialect closing simile

here’s found
here’s being found
found being
here’s the journey unwound to its grounding
where we equally
‘drink like trees and swim like oceans
and fall in love in may’- *

here is where we belong
passing back and forth
 strength and answers to each other
like full cups to empty ones
with the greatest fruits inside us
that we still haven’t learned how to taste

still dipping our tongues into dreams that are wordless
& making worth of things that are worthless
seeking our reflections in these houses of illusion

here we are regulated
administered on the track
the beat skips and our heart convulses,
the anarchist it forever is
and the wise...
‘the wise know nothing
 cause love is beyond all wisdom’- **

here we are devoted
here we are in devotion
the nest egg of doves
the amber doe eyed dawn warriors
faces painted with the just born ships
into the open world of possibilities  

here there is devotion
crashing hooves
horses stampeding from the heart
devotion in the needle
stitching its storm,
thread by thread of synchronicity  
the eye of awe
the fine tapestries of fate

here there is devotion
the river mouth
pouring its soul into pacific oceans

here there is devotion,
look how she holds his mouth in hers
 gives her hand to  grace
his sleeping face,
into devotion into the ether
where we lose ourselves every night
only to again remake the compositions

here there is fallacy and fallacy and fallacy
and here there is no truth that is not afraid to fall
and here there is a man so righteous
he will step down from thought
and silence
and into dance

and here there is a man
and here there is poem
and here there is a tapping
a tapping against the glass
a tickling of the eyes
a scratching of the mind
a form not yet named but felt
a cloud of muses that drag your sky

and here

and fuck what they say

I say we are gods

live wildly and loud
in your inhibitionless lively love locus living
let us drink deeply from the spring and blossom

we all need to flower
art is merely the vase
evasive to the intellect
fever of the unfathomable

mercury in the palm




*-Bejahman W.Wild
**-Andy Jans-Brown