"The world" A lie or a dream ?

Maruhuanna Lief Hebber's picture
Bewildered from the very reality I once lived in as I walked into the setting sun in my illusory perception, I thought the world was huge. Later as I was wandering on this planet like The Wandering Jew who was condemned to roam the world for mocking Jesus at the Crucifixion, I learnt that the world was not just huge but it's also the only one in this vast faux darkness and we had no where else to go! For that moment I felt sheer loneliness and the daunt behind it was that the whole universe was helpless because there's no one else in the universe other than us. It was just us fighting and killing each other and turning into bloodletting jack asses and there's no one out there who actually gives a damn. and here we are fighting,waiting for a messiah or a faquir of some kind to stop us from doing the same. I said to my self "It's all a dream and we all are a self-taught lie". But later it occurred to my mind that every single memory of mine was in this dream, in just a melodramatic plebeian dream. The truthful lie was very painful to accept. The lie that am just an illusion, a dream and a lie. It was like the outcome of all my hallucinations which bore no sweet fruits were slapped right across my face and swapped me back to the painful blank reality .

Then I looked around dumbly, quite disconcerted. I was on a hallucinogen after all, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds(LSD) as the lords call it. But here, in real world, there weren't any magical colours or any beautiful auras around me, There were no thoughts echoing in the depth of my head. Each confession of me existing in this blank planet brought me into an attitude of abasement. I realised that I was glued to this atrocious planet with the help of this human-named concept called gravity!! But when i thought about my family, my friends and every one who do matter to me, i told to myself the reason behind the ascertained "Glued to this planet" theory depended on a number of factors. Factors like love, friendship and concern. Now everytime when I feel left out, when I feel that I don't matter to any one anymore. I ask to my self "The World" A lie or a dream ? Cause I know that there is LSD world behind every reality. A world where everyone care and love everyone! :)