LSD "Problem Child and Wonder Drug"

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self portrait whilst tripping In relation to Rak Razam's article on the LSD Symposium in Switzerland celebrating the 100th Birthday of Albert Hofmann, Undergrowth invites readers and artists to post thoughts on the psychedelic phenomena. The general feel of the Symposium is that it is time for our society to open up it's minds (so to speak) to the mind opening potential in the exploration of consciousness afforded by LSD, as well as other hallucinogens from psilocybin to peyote, san pedro et al. So, is there really scope for a resurgence of the psychedelic movement in the 21st century? Has it ever really gone away? Perhaps it has just become more subtle, and occult - in the original sense of the word, ie. 'hidden'. How does the development of sister pharmocological substances such as MDMA and DMT connect with this history? What are your experiences? What are your insights on this subject? Blow our minds.. we dare ya. xx And click here to listen to an interview with Rak Razam about Dr. Hofmann's 100th birthday, recently broadcast on JJJ radio.

A certain percentage of men

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As I keep myself informed

As I keep myself informed about current drugs I also learned few things about LSD. I personally don't trust the drug and I wouldn't use it, it's too strong and I don't think there are real benefits using it. Some people abuse LSD and that's even worse, if there is a good part of LSD I wouldn't know. There are hundreds of people attending a drug rehab program because of LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs.
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New symposium

are you going Rak .. I Am Psychedelic media cowboy from norway <einar;)
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Some scenes of Cognition Factor were filmed at the LSD Symposium

I was there filming people and showing the Terence Mckenna movie. Now Cognition Factor is nearly ready. but I digress, get the Special Effects Teaser here..

Cognition Factor explores the outer limits of consciousness through the eyes of a cyberpunk seeking answers to the same Big 5 questions that puzzle everyone.

As you'll see and hear from the teaser, this film is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Maybe this is because we've broken all the rules.

The interplay between our interviewees and the subject matter underscored by the top ambient masters seen through our awesome VR interface linked by a unique editing style make this a serious contender for the next cult classic.

Teaser underscore by Dr. Alex Paterson, Dom Beken, Fil Le Gonedic (The ORB), with Steve Hillage (System 7).

No garden gnomes were disturbed during the making of this teaser

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The lessons of history are that no one learns histories lesson..

During the advent of LSD, psychedelics were something completely new to western culture. This was typified by the utter amazement in the neophyte descriptions by figures such as Aldous Huxley in 'The Doors of Perception'. It seems to me that western culture had become completely and utterly alienated from the tribal history of it's past, one in which shamanism and the use of mind altering plants was (and is) an ongoing cultural past time throughout the world. Since that time many books, including the works of Carlos Castaneda, Terrence McKenna and others have done a great job at illuminating this history and so the typical user of LSD and other psychedelics nowadays is much more conscious of the historical and cultural dimensions of their hallucinogenic use - except, that is young kids who are just beginning to experiment. But if they are interested in the culture they will soon learn, it's all out there on the internet now. I also have a theory that with the advent of MDMA (ecstasy) and it's total domination of club culture throughout the world in the last twenty years people have stopped using LSD as a party drug which it was never made for. This is because LSD and other hallucinogens are too honest, too intense and not at all guaranteed to provide you with a great night out - it's just as likely to awaken you to the nature of all your illusions, mortality, the nature of global environmental politics or anything else hidden in your subconscious. Ecstasy on the other hand, with it's sugar coated serotonin level inspiring molecules is a great party drug. No wonder you can buy it for two pounds a pop in London these days (so I hear), and it is used by millions every weekend around the world - despite the scare campaigns very few people die of ecstasy, as opposed to say, alcohol. So what's my point? I think that after the first wave of major psychedelic revolution in the sixties that the use of LSD and other hallucinogens has settled down into a more sedate subculture in the 21st century, albeit a huge global subculture with varying degress of consciousness. In the sixties proponents such as Dr. Timothy Leary believed that all we had to do was make everyone drop a trip and society would pirouette on it's access and the revolution would be a happening thang. Today, I believe we are more conscious that while many things did change in the sixties, global paradigm shift of the alienated spiritual culture of the west from the earth and the soul is going to take a whole lot more than just a dose of good acid. What is different now is an international community of NGO's committed to environmental consciousness and social change. We have educated young and old people throughout the world meeting and affecting change on all levels through gatherings such as the World Social Forum. We have indigenous leaders all over the world sharing their view of history, and gaining a voice which they were never given in the days of slavery and colonisation in which they were first encountered. We also have the history of spiritual philsophy from all over the world, from all of history to leaqrn from as we begin to evolve a new kind of consciousness as to how live on this world peacefully.. We also have a helluvalot of challenges to face up to as well, but maybe I've said enough for now. Let it just be said that in my opinion psychedelics and the resurgence of shamanic practise do have their place in the wider ecology of social change, but perhaps it is not worth overstating them? They are important ingredients of psychic liberation for the individual hemmed into psychic prisons in an affluent culture with unlimited access to less consciousness raising drugs and narcotics, but many find their way out of the wormhole without it. Many rivers leading to the source, y'know. Anyone got any thoughts on these ideas? xx Tim

Lsd, man. Whoa, man. Hats

Lsd, man. Whoa, man. Hats off to hoffman, he tested the waters for all us humble folk to bathe in; what a delight! Thumbs up on acid, man! Just watch for when it bites back! I had a psychotic episode triggered by that motherfucker, so watch it kids. you never know. you could be just cruising all long all trippy, seeing little pixies hanging from trees and singing to ya, then kablammo! shades of possession and total freak out styles...

i´ve had many different experiences with LSD-25 and overall i´d say its got to be considered a gift to us complexly-wired apes. helped us peel back our socially-ingrained blinkers and given us glimpses of realities hitherto unknown, or forgotten.

-the opinions expressed in this piece are the personal views of the author and are to taken with a pinch of acid. or if you dont have any pinches, a punchbowl will be fine. And dont forget the cocktail umbrellas and over-sized novelty sunglasses, a perhaps a bag of weed.