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Undergrowth sees it's links page as a chance to promote the awareness of a digital ecology, an interdependent web of like-mind individuals and organisations working towards a common goal of a sustainable future. If you would like your link added to this page please email editorial(a) .

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Goongerah Environment Centre GECO is an independent grassroots environment organisation based in East Gippsland. We are dedicated to protecting the remaining old growth forests of the region.

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Oceania Indymedia syndicates news from local Independent Media Centres (IMCs) in the region. They aim to be a space to facilitate the networking of solidarity between communities engaged in struggles for social, environmental and economic justice.


Play It Forward Australia was designed for Australians to have a method of applying the principles of Direct Democracy and have a delivery vehicle by which they can communicate to other ordinary Australians and to those people who have been elected to serve the various electorates around Australia.  


Virus Media Virus Media is a young and innovative Australian company specialising in strong stories from unusual places. The company is ground-breaking both in its product and also in the processes used to create that product. Virus Media also has a happy knack of procuring alternative sources of funding for its projects. 'Jammin in the Middle E', it's latest feature has just been picked up by SBS.

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world changing link image WorldChanging A brilliant ongoing weblog discussing and analyzing tools, ideas, models, and technologies for building a better future.

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A clearinghouse of information concerning the peak in global energy such as oil and gas.



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The Vaults of Erowid provide access to reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals and related issues. They work with academic, medical, and experiential experts to develop and publish new resources, as well as to improve and increase access to already existing resources as a historical record for the future.

GNN link image Guerilla News Network is an independent news organization with headquarters in New York City and production facilities in Berkeley, California. Their mission is to expose people to important global issues through cross-platform guerrilla programming.

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SubTerran is an events and music organisation based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, S.E.Qld, primarily involved in outdoor music events with an environmental focus. Subterran aims to push the outdoor party format deeper. Our belief is that to stay true to the original intention of outdoor dance parties: earth reconnection and exploration of fringe electronic music.

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Regular undergrowth contributor Gerhard Hillman's lush, organic textures show us a world where nature speaks, where beauty and geometry can be found in the crease of a butterfly's wings, the curve of a shell or the bloom of the vegetal world.

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TZU From the bowels of Melbourne comes the Taoist stink of TZU; plop songsters, freestyle hip-shooters, audio bushrangers howling raucously on a hijacked carriage toward your nearest venue...

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Combat Wombat are an outspoken troupe of hip hop punks mainly located in Melbourne. They've just released their second album Unsound System. Armed with only samplers, mics and turntables, powered by solar energy and an uncompromising belief in Truth over Spin, these desert nomads are the real deal, creating an album that reflects the frontline activism they have become famous for.

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The Herd have been one of the most recognised and played Australian hip-hop acts for a good few years now, and can be found on their independent label, Elefant Traks.



Richard Neville
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Skynoise; the blog de Jean Poole - audio-visual wizard and human pop culture filter par excellence.
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