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 Kymatica is a fascinating meta-science doco-essay on the nature of consciousness and evolution, weaving together different theories from astropsychology, the cosmic octave, heart politics, morphogenesis, cancer and psychic parasitism, babylon, language and alienation from the true self, common law, money and word magic, general conspiracy theories, transpersonal therapy and shamanism.

Kymatica supposes a reality in which the universe is learning it's own nature, and we as manifestations of that universe are given agency to learn and engage with the emergent nature of being. The title comes from the science of cymatics which investigates the effect of sound energy on physical forms, and extrapolates this idea to how the archetypal resonance of the universe's fundamental forms manifest in the material world around, including the patterns of behavior, psyche and consciousness of the individual self.

In the burgeoning tradition of online phenomenons such as Zeitgeist, Kymatica uses a variety of historical, medical, documentary and animated media mixed with unique interviews to weave threads of lateral insights into the nature of evolution, moving quickly through a range of different ideas and compressing them brilliantly into one long audiovisual thesis. Itself a result of new media, online distribution and contemporary spiritual philsophy. Yet, unlike many other online documentaries of it's kind, Kymatica's wide ranging insights cover in equal measures ideas of philosophy, spirituality, consciousness, science, mythology and politics,  suggesting that we cannot merely point fingers at the overarching powers that shape our world, but must take responsibility for our own contribution, or lack of, to the prevailing nature of consciousness. The leaders we have are merely a reflection of our own collective ability or inability to awaken - squaring responsibility for the state of the world on each and everyone one of us. 

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CHIchi jesika's picture

agree. yet completly disagree.

extinction doesnt not exist.
there are always those, who go on.
and create again.

with so many speaking of "the extinction before us"
it makes me think of 2012
and how NOT extinction it is.
and how it is all about evolution.