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Repinted from Travellers Teacup blog by Citt Williams

Art by Arpitam 


An undercurrent and thought provoking keynote from Rop Gonggrijp who opened the annual Berlin hackers event, Chaos Computer Club in a sold-out Congress Center 27/12/10

The Ayahuasca Sessions

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The Ayahuasca Sessions is a companion collection of interviews by journalist Rak Razam with the curanderos, shamans, ayahuasqueros and seekers that drink ayahuasca. In over two dozen sessions Razam lets the shamans (and the seekers) explain in their own words the demands and dangers of their profession in the 21st century and what they think the unprecedented explosion in Western interest in shamanism forbodes.

Boldly designed and with over 100 black and white photographs, the collection features interviews with Guillermo Aravelo, Percy Garcia, Ron Wheelock, Dennis McKenna, Ph.D, Jan Kounen, Alan Shoemaker, and more. A classic text for those interested in the booming business of ayahuasca tourism, entheogens, spirituality, anthropology and counter-culture studies.

In A Perfect World 41: GALACTIVATION!

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Experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews Dan Schreiber, Australia's answer to Terence McKenna, a grand intellectual thinker and the founder of Starseed Gardens in the Byron Bay Shire. In this epic, far-reaching conversation Schreiber explores the heart-mind-pineal relationship of consciousness and shares his experiences learning from tribal peoples across the globe. What is the entheogenic connection between the Amazon and the Outback, ayahuasca cosmovision and the Dreamtime at the End of Time? Learn the secrets of the Australian cane toad–and its DMT/ bufotenine secretions–as Schreiber explains its role as an activator for the tryptamine-acacia fields across Australia. How does the devic world under the surface of nature itself fuel the current flowering of planetary consciousness? Schreiber describes the cascading role of entheogens shaping planetary culture to the tipping point we are now living through, and the whole-systems theory of Gaian "galactivation" as we remember our personal and collective awakening… This conversation is itself a catalyst and a turning point for moving forward: A highly recommended, lengthy dialogue that links up many existing theories into a collective whole to guide us deeper into the new paradigm…

In A Perfect World 39: Spirit Messengers

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On the road in Peru with Mitch Schultz, who talks about the making of his documentary The Spirit Molecule, based on the Rick Strassman book of the same name, and why he was driven to make an independent documentary about DMT. In 2002 Schultz had his first experience with dimethyltryptamine and the entities therein: nothing would ever be the same. Schultz convinced Dr. Rick Strassman to lend his story and credibility as the narrative backbone of the documentary, studying DMT in controlled medical conditions with legal patients under the auspices of the US government from 1990-1995. Why has nature seeded DMT throughout most living things: as a strategic neurotransmitter, a language for nature to communicate within itself? What is the value of contact experiences with entities in innerspace? How can film communicate a glimpse of the DMT realm and how ready are mainstream audiences for it? Join experiential journalist Rak Razam and filmmaker Mitch Schultz in search of the answers...


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Rap News  resumes its lyrical forays into the world of rhyme and reason, exploring what's been happening on the Internets in 2010. Robert Foster - recently returned from his long-leave vacation in the Caribbean (prematurely interrupted due to the disastrous BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico) - takes a look at Senator Joe LIEberman's proposed bill to grant the Prez the power to shut down the web in case of [quotation mark] an emergency [/quotation mark].

But - most importantly - we discuss something else which has been leaking even more profusely than a BP oil well. An organisation of ultra-inspiring infectively-courageous cybernauts - aka Wikileaks - has been taking on the Fistagon and giving that slumbering Fourth Estate a much-needed kick in the arse, reminding us how important the internet can be as a channel of information.

What is Wikileaks? Who is Julian Assange? And why is it so important that we know? Find out with your charming host, Robert Foster.

Find out more about:

Lieberman talking about the proposed Cybersecurity bill on CNN:
'Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act' - the 'Killswitch' bill which is now being considered:
Wikileaks leaked video - 'Collateral Murder':
Wikileaks leaked 'Afghan War Diary':
Julian Assange - talking about Wikileaks:

Download MP3 and Lyrics and find out more:
Rap News website - coming soon!

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No Man's Land

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No Man’s Land;

Experimenting with a military approach to psychological evolution.


There are three barriers between you and the outside world. The first is your physical body. The second is your emotional body or ‘body of desire’. The third is your mind, or intellect, the mental body. Collectively, this is called the ‘personality.’[1]

NOW OR NEVER > Tim Flannery discusses climate change politics @ Wordstorm NT

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NOW OR NEVER >Climate Change discussion with Tim Flannery @ Wordstorm 2010

Globaluasca Wisdom

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A seminal interview with Dennis McKenna, Ph.D on the evolution of ayahuasca and the entheogenic movement and the imminent tipping point on planet earth the movement parallels. In which experiential journalist Rak Razam quizzes Dennis on his role as a scientist and a leading ayahuasca researcher, while Dennis waxes lyrical on bio-piracy, the proliferating business of shamanism in Peru and around the world, and the urgent need for integration of the plant teacher experience in people's everyday lives to truly make a difference. Is the sacrament of ayahuasca becoming commercialized? As pharmahuasca – and the startling development of ayahuasca in a pill form – spreads beyond the vine itself, is the wisdom of globaluasca transcending its Gaian roots to connect with a new generation without the plant dogma? Is the future a religious, compartmentalized Entheogenic Evangelism? Or will lodges transform into "psychedelic monasteries" training plant Jedis? Its been ten years now since Dennis' brother Terence passed on, and Dennis deconstructs some of his theories, from Timewave Zero to the Singularity and provides a critical analysis of the 2012 phenomenon and the unfolding Archaic Revival...

One Tree

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A 'pillow talk' about the ayahuasca movement conducted the morning after a journey into the infinite with Lara Star, a moderator from the forums... In which Lara and experiential journalist Rak Razam discuss Haoma (Syrian Rue) and the branching of the pure Amazonian tradition with the Middle Eastern mystic experience of "haomauasca". If ayahuasca is the "Madre", then Syrian Rue is the Prince, a warrior spirit, Lara suggests, kissing cousins from the same tree, the One Tree that host different plant devas in an overall family. Lara trained with the Peruvian Q'eros shaman Armundo who trained her in the cosmovision of the Andes under San Padro, mescilito and ayahuasca. Here she discusses the forums as part of the global shift and an infinite library of initiates awakening. Different shamans initiate and play different roles to different energy needs but Lara says the point is to get people switched on, and if they're not switched on they need to die and be reborn, opening back up to the great pool of becoming...

Evolver Spore: The Future of Psychedelics

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A lecture given on March 17, 2010 to the Sydney cell of the Evolver network ( as part of its community "spore" discussion on the future of psychedelics. In which experiential journalist Rak Razam discusses the state of psychedelic culture, where it came from in modern times with the advent of LSD in 1943, the legacy of alchemist Albert Hofmann, and why the psychedelic movement is so important to a sustainable future. Acid opened the mind in the 60s, ecstasy opened the heart in the 80s, and in the 21st century ayahuasca and entheogenic plant sacraments are opening the soul of the West, guiding us back to a cooperative Gaian partnership. As the "second wave of ayahuasca shamanism" sweeps the world in a slo-mo r-evolution, the psychedelic movement is reaching out to the elder indigenous cultures around the world to bridge the gap of our own psychic and spiritual understanding, and is becoming a global entheogenic movement. Can this new wave reach a critical mass of its own understanding, as well as a purity of intent to truly be ready to join the galactic community? Join Razam and the Evolver community to find out...

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