Issue #5: The Human Ecology

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The Human Animal is out of control. It spreads across the earth like a virus, taking what it wants and always needing more. It builds machines to do its work and cities to congregate its masses away from the natural world it exploits. Oblivious to the fact it lives in a natural ecosystem, the Human Animal replaces energetics with economics, the real with the rationalised in a virtual web of globalisation. Yet, moving through its monoculture crowds, pockets of diversity and multiculturalism still thrive. The undergrowth is fertile with the coloured plumes of resistance, with strange and wonderful new forms that have mutated to survive a world out of balance. From office drones in their concrete archipelagos to dumpster divers in the backstreets of the Empire, the Human Ecology pulses with life. Feral communities celebrate on the edge of bush dancefloors. Urban pagans connect with nature under the eyes of satellite cameras. The children of the System are remembering the Sacred. The walls are coming tumbling down as the Human Animal starts to recognise itself and its place in the web of life...


cloudburst spirits (1) monkey tales lovers the tides of the sun white man, do you have any sacred sites bush flowers after the fall spirits (2) taking a dive: confessions of a dumpster diver pikatja story future cities project nepubunna to adelaide god is an awesome god river pilgrims city of angels monkey tales: yellow mr history hey newstart, thanks for the good times windcurrents: an interview with peter adams spirits (3) monkey tales: blue credits



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