Issue #4: Snapshots of the Resolution

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Undergrowth DVD: "Snapshots of the Resolution" explores the power of independent media activism to discuss and speak out about themes of social, ecological and political issues. The compilation weaves together subject matter ranging from war to deforestation, alternative energy, street art, culture jamming, overpopulation, uranium mining, organic farming and the challenges of democracy in a fast paced collection of humourous, creative and politically charged short films, music videos, animations and documentaries.

Australian and international filmmakers featured include; Benjamin Ducroz, Joe Brumm, Heidi Douglas, Izzy Brown, Deepchild, Paul Baiguerra, Mutiny Media, Anto Skene, Freerange Graphics, Tim Parish, Nina Paley, Jean Poole and Adam Robb. Also featuring soundtracks by Combat Wombat, Deepchild, TZU, The Herd and Yum. History After a second well received program of short films, documentaries and animations at the 2004 Electrofringe Festival, produced in association with Undergrowth Digital Magazine, we decided to curate a DVD for our fourth issue, collecting together national and international video activist documentaries, political satire, short films and animations.
Launched in December, 2004 at the Queensland media art festival Straight Out Of Brisbane, Undergrowth #4 - Snapshots of the Resolution is now available as a free PDF online magazine as well as a DVD for sale from the Undergrowth website. Since then the compilation has been screened around Australia, at various festivals, outdoor cinemas in Darwin, independent and underground cinemas and through the web archives of

A selection of the movies presented on the DVD are available to watch here for free. For the full collection please visit the Undergrowth online Shop.


To download the PDF issue simply click on the attachment below. To watch a movie, simply click the watch movie hotlink on the PDF page where available and it will begin downloading. Beware - all movies are very large in file size - the average is 50 MG - and you will need broadband for a viewing (apologies to our dial-up readers).
:::NEWSFLASH::: 'Snapshots of the Resolution' is now available for sale at the Undergrowth shop on this site.

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