Undergrowth #2 > TERRA POETICA


In the early 21st Century the War on Terror was a billion dollar Spectacle conceived by the military-entertainment complex, which served to distract humanity from the more widespread and dangerous War on Terra. In the human zoo, we stand somewhere between monoculture and wilderness, shaping our mental ecologies from the debris of empire + revolution. Resisting the fictions broadcast by crude television satellites and saturated by tabloid media. On the streets, poetic terrorists paint the rumour of some new indigenous struggle. Earth magicians retrofit the urban ecology. New paradigms mingle with archaic lores in the interzones of the information war. We are all natives remembering the language of Terra Poetica.


TERRA POETICA is the second issue of Undergrowth Magazine - first published in May 2004, launched at the Next Wave Festival, Melbourne Australia. The issue covers issues of global environmental politics, deep ecology, activism, indigenous rights, permaculture and more.


1/ cover/ Meteor Mandala/ Gerhard Hillman
10/ the story so far/ Tim Parish
11/ My Darling Race/ Damien Huxtable
12/ I walk the narrow streets/ Tom Civil
14/ Land of the Long White Sock / Graham St John
24/ The Tree/ Lou Smith
26/ In Earth's Defense / Jo Fairley
38/ WW3 is a Party/ Rak Razam
42 - 43/ Halska
44/ you are walking/ Tim Parish
47/ whose Land are you on?/ Nick Chesterfield
56/ Andrea's Anatomy/ Damien Huxtable
58/ Freedom/ Rak Razam
62/ the city, I/ Miles Allinson
71/ Walking and Wildlife, a photoessay / Tim Parish
82/ Creating Permanent Culture / David Holmgren interviewed by Adam Grubb
96/ mystic as a leaf/ Tim Parish