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The OCEANIA INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL is a compilation of tactical video of the moment, with a regional focus. It is a news-zine for the web, and distributed on CD-ROM, with aims parallel to those found on the website - to collate stories from independant producers and community media collectives focussing on social change and environmental issues. The project aims to encourage better content and skills sharing between regional IMCs and video collectives, communityTV and independent video producers.

Oceania Indymmedia 3 CD

The latest edition of the Newsreal includes pieces on Maori struggles in Aotearoa, East Timorese campaigning over Australia's theft of oil in the Timor sea, life in the slums of Jakarta, climate change in the Pacific, Food not Bombs in Australia and much more.

To download the Newsreal and check out the first two newsreals visit the Oceania Newsreal website.

The Oceania Indymedia Newsreal 3 was produced by Engage Media.

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