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--- Give me grounding. Hire a cosmic accountant. True cost everything. Triple Bottom underline. Audit the bankrupt power stations. Eco-tax a given. Make Karma electricity Breed organic perm(anent)culture Redistribute the earth Harvest the sun's energy, the winds whisper, the secret of H20, Share intellectual property, Maintain biodiversity Heal the planets wounds Rescue the future Someone? -- Which is to say; how exactly do we make this crazy techno-industrial-secular-consumerist-post-modernist-internet-connectected-globalised-interationalist-grassroots-imperialistic-beautiful-insane-tragic-comedy-pragmatic-scientific-communitarian-metaphysical-materialistic-meteoroligically-shifting-world of ours sustainable? ...-...-...- ...-... I mean, really. Anyone got some great ideas? Anyone heard of some fantastic new inventions? I wanna hear 'em. We all do. the big memes and the small, humble dreams. Lets brainstorm and mind-meld. Connect the dots. I know yer all thinking up the dreaming. please, join in the discussion: x

The Imagineer's Manifesto

Please feel free to comment on or expand upon any of the ideas that may interest you in the manifesto.  It is intended as a springboard for debate as to how a magickal philosophy might be channeled into the generation of creative content, an invitation to engage with the erisian well within and PLAY.  Enjoy!


amorphous anti-tech

finding the solutions to  OUR DISEASEcould involve an IRRESISTABLEtrend in humanity toward a kind of supa-SPIRITUALIZED ECO-NSCIOUSNess that is championed by a startlingly enthusiastic bunch of heads POPPING out of a sweeping plethora of feeling nodes that EGG EACH OTHER ON good naturedly as they catalyse ACTIVATIONS all over the face of our SUNS SWEET bride/daughter~ sweep up the MESS FORM THE GRACE of her face and sort her... [ its in the clan of the hundred monkeys, its critical mass, ITS INEVITABLE. we turn dont need to table the tables, the tables are turning themselves... watching is an active process ]