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I Was Only 19 gif The Herd have just released a new version of the classic Redgum's anti-war song "I was Only 19". The new song transforms the emotive folk of the original into a modern hip hop track and in collaboration with Sydney Production firm Broken Yellow have created a brilliant music video to accompany the song. Undergrowth is proud to feature the new video clip for "I was Only 19" as an ANZAC day feature. Lest We Forget "I was Only 19" Music by The Herd Directed by Brendan J. Doyle Produced by Navid Bahadori "http://www.brokenyellow.com/" "http://www.elefanttraks.com" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The clip has been getting a lot of media coverage. A report by Triple J's The Hack includes interviews with the filmmakers, the band and Vietnam Veterans about the politics and thought behind the clip. Also from the Broken Yellow website, an interview Tim McCombe, President of the Vietnam Veterans Federation about the song. It's Gone Down Like a Lead Balloon 17/03/06 In 1983, John Schumann sat on a desk amongst a group of Vietnam veterans. “I've got this song,” he said, “but I won't sing it unless you give it your blessing.” John closed his eyes and accompanying himself on guitar, sang `I Was Only 19'. At the song's end John listened for the verdict. There was dead silence. “ Bugger it” realised John, “ It's gone down like a lead balloon, sunk without trace, still-born.” Just as John was about to pick up his guitar and leave, some throat clearing sounds came from the veterans. The silence did not signal disapproval, it was just that the veterans were too moved to speak, choking to hold back tears. The song's popularity spread like a bushfire. It is now recognised as one of the greatest Australian songs ever written. The Herd's version of `I Was Only 19' and its video-clip are worthy agents for its rebirth. They have both brought tears to my eyes. Tim McCombe President Vietnam Veterans Federation